Fillmore County, Minnesota

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Bugs on my Peonies

I have bugs on my peonies.....about 3/8 inch long and tan colored with black legs. They can fly and seem to be mating. I don't want to spray with chemicals. Is there something else I could try that is safe to use? How about diluted dish detergent?


Fillmore County MN almost 2 years ago

Where to purchase an apple scion?

Hello - We would like to graft an apple scion onto our existing apple tree. Where can I find out more about the scions?


Fillmore County MN about 4 years ago

Bloomless Daffodils

I have several large clumps of daffodils but many of them had no blossoms this year or just a few. I do wait until the foliage dies down before I pull it out. Most of the blooms I did have were around the outside edge of the clump. Should I be digging up some of the bulbs in the middle to make room for new ones?


Fillmore County MN almost 2 years ago

Mason Bees

I have installed several Mason Bee hives around my apple orchard and vegetable garden. I was planning on placement of red solo cups sprayed with Tanglefoot on my Apple trees. Will the solo cups catch the Mason Bees, thus defeating the purpose? If so, do you have any recommendations? Thank you Stephen Johnson


Fillmore County MN about 1 year ago

Tomato yellow shoulders inside and out.

Most of my tomatoes have yellowish discoloring on both the outside and inside. At least half of each tomato has to be discarded no matter how ripe they are. The only thing I can find on-line similar are thrips. What is wrong with our tomato crop?


Tomato_300x300%2523 Tomato_2_300x300%2523

Fillmore County MN almost 3 years ago

Found growing on hillside near gravel road in southern MN

5/23 these were growing in clumps on the dirt hillside.



Fillmore County MN almost 2 years ago

wood eating insects

I have a wooden porch, and have noticed lately, that there are wood shavings under certain areas of the porch. I suspect there are some kind of wood eating insects infesting the wood. What are the possible solutions, chemical or otherwise? Thank you for your help. Cortland Humble


Fillmore County MN almost 5 years ago

What is happening to my paste-type tomatoes?

The paste-type tomatoes look perfect on the outside, but when you cut them open, they are black inside. What is it, and how can this be prevented? All of the other tomatoes are fine around them.


Fillmore County MN over 4 years ago

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