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We have a cluster of 3 crimson frost birch trees in our front yard and the...

We have a cluster of 3 crimson frost birch trees in our front yard and the largest one suffered damage in the recent storms. About 6 feet up from the ground the trunk almost looks like someone twisted the upper and lower parts in opposite directions. The bark is broken and the wood underneath looks splintered. Please see attached photo. I am thinking the tree should come down, as this will now forever be a weak point in the tree not to mention an easy entrance for insects. My question is will the smaller 2 trees thrive with the biggest one gone or should I consider removing all 3? Thanks! Adrian Thompson



Douglas County MN about 5 years ago

Flying insect

We live on Lake Carlos (Alexandria, MN). For the past two days we have been treated to hundreds of these flying insects. They are about 3/4 of an inch long and their antennae is about the same length. The normally sit on a wall or window unless disturbed. Many end up in our bird bath. Can you tell what they are and where they come from? Thank you Larry Pearson 320-760-7110 7624 Terrace Dr NW Alexandria, MN 56308


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Douglas County MN about 1 month ago

Tree options

I have a 25 evergreen tree with a 15 foot oak tree growing into it. They are in competition for space . Are there options to remedy this or is cutting one down the best option? If so which one?


Douglas County MN over 2 years ago

Growth on rose bushes

While removing the dead blooms from our rose bushes, we found quite a number of growths on the stems. Most of them were 1/2 inch to 1 inch in diameter; some were larger and gray in color. What is this growth and is it harmful to the rose bush? Thank you for your advice!



Douglas County MN about 2 years ago

What is happening to my tree?

Any thoughts on what is happening to my Ash Tree? Why is the bark splitting and peeling off? It started last year. There have not been changes to our yard by this tree, it hasn't been under water, or had less water, etc. I have not observed any insects that are visible on the trunk, branches or leaves. It has been leafing out like normal.


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Douglas County MN over 1 year ago

weeds in my small garden plot

I have a small raised garden plot 4' x8'. It has lots of direct sun in the morning. There are a lot of weeds, dandelions etc coming up. Is there some product to take care of the weeds that won't affect my few vegetables & some flowers I want to plant? I have already dug up some weeds earlier-the recent rain has greatly increased this new green growth. Thank you for your guidance. CH


Douglas County MN about 3 years ago

Appears to be a lost tomato crop

We have experienced blight many times over the years. We have not however experienced, what has happened this year. Within only a couple of weeks a lush crop of approximately 35 plants have all turned brown and fruit is rotting on the vine. Spots, brown to black patches, and white patches. I will enclose photos. Thank you, we would appreciate some help identifying what this is. One common denominator, all the plants were purchased at the same place. We also are having difficulty with the pepper plants from that place. Maybe another question, another day.


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Douglas County MN almost 3 years ago

Disposing of Asparagus beetle infested asparagus

I have both kinds of asparagus beetles and am following the UMN directions on controlling them. I have multiple skinny spears with foliage and beetle eggs along the stalk. I'm in the process of cutting them out (the spears are too skinny to eat). My question - can I dispose of these infested asparagus spears in my compost bin? Or should I throw them in the garbage? Thanks! Pam Brown


Douglas County MN 3 months ago

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