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Apple Tree #2 Identification

I would like to identify an apple tree that is on the property we just purchased.
The tree is an earlier ripening tree. They were ripe in late August and early September. The apples are about 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

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Dakota County Minnesota horticulture apple trees 6 months ago

Linden Tree Japanese Beetle

See Downloaded File:


Dakota County Minnesota 9 months ago

Bent Tree

We have a young tree that is bent to one side. We are wondering if this tree can be straightened or if we should just get a new tree. Please see the attached picture. Thank you in advance for you help! Anne


Dakota County Minnesota 12 months ago

Austrian Pine Dying

I have had 5 of 10 Austrian Pine trees die in the past 3 years. The most recent death of a tree showed signs last fall and i have removed it today because it was completely dead. C. I am enclosing a photo of the top of the stump. Right now my remaining trees look healthy. Would you have any idea what is killing them? If so, is there anything I could do to prevent them from dying.

Dakota County Minnesota about 2 years ago

Birch tree dropped leaves

I have 2 birch trees that have leaves turning brown with many holes and dropping them. Lakeville, Mn Any idea on what this is and what I should be doing? Thank you Donald

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Dakota County Minnesota over 2 years ago



Dakota County Minnesota about 4 years ago

Hi, Does the soil in Apple Valley MN lend itself to a dry well. I have an...

Hi, Does the soil in Apple Valley MN lend itself to a dry well. I have an area in front of my home, about 30ft x 10ft. I want to enclose with a 30ft long, 6 inch high retaining wall to keep the garden in. Under this 30ft wall, I plan to put a French drain that will collect the runoff water and direct it to a (1 or more) drywell, about 12 to 15 inch dia. By 48 inch deep. Thanks. Mike



Dakota County Minnesota soil and fertility issues soil almost 4 years ago

I have a fairly new lawn that I planted last year during the fall with grass...

I have a fairly new lawn that I planted last year during the fall with grass seed. The grass that grew is covering about 70% of my lawn (with the rest of 30% being bare dirt areas). The soil is also compacted. It's spring now and I need aerate, reseed/overseed, and I would really like to fertilize it as while. I'm wondering should I aerate and fertilize wait and then plant new grass seed or should aerate and plant grass seed then wait to fertilize? The fertilizer I purchased is a just and organic nitrogen fertilizer (milogranite). I might be over thinking this all, but I hope you would be able to provide some guidance as to order of tasks and wait time in between performing task. Thank you. Travis Cambronne


Dakota County Minnesota lawns and turf about 4 years ago

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