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ash tree seedlings

What spray will kill ash seedlings 1" to 3" in my wood mulch? there is thousands of them The hedge is arborvitae and dogwood over three years old, 6+ feet tall. Other years we pulled them ,but to much this year. thank you Mike Stoffregen


Cottonwood County MN 11 months ago

Garden Plants Turning Brown

I've had good luck with my garden in the past. Last year I got 27 Acorn Squash from one plant. A couple of years ago my tomato plants starting dying early so I just quit growing them and use my sister in laws tomatoes. This year I had trouble getting my green beans to come up with a good stand and now everything in the garden is turning brown and dying. It's so disheartening. The green beans look the worst but, the Beets and Kohlrabi look bad too. The potatoes seem to have little spots on their leaves. The Carrots tops are even tuning brown !! I think that they have enough moisture and nutrients I just don't know that cause of the problem ? Here is a few pictures. I do my own canning and it's starting to look like a long and hungry winter this year. Thank you for any help you can give.


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Cottonwood County MN 11 months ago


Some of my Hosta are getting this as shown in picture I am including. Where the leaves should be, it is drying up and the roots stop growing



Cottonwood County MN about 4 years ago

Strawberry plants

WE Planted June bearing plants in spring of 2018. When should we destroy these plants and replace with the new plants from these? These plants are contained in a 4 X 14 raised bead. Started with 14 plants , have many more now. Thank YOU


Cottonwood County MN 10 months ago

Bumpy lawn

What causes my lawn to be bumpy. It is very rough when mowing. I do have some voles. How can I correct it. Thanks Roger


Cottonwood County MN almost 5 years ago

Issue with Mountain Ash Tree

Hello: I work at the Cottonwood County Extension office in Windom, MN. I had a gentleman come into my office with questions regarding his Mountain Ash tree. The leaves are falling off and have brown and yellow spots on them. I have taken two photos of the sample - a front and back of the leaf. Can you please tell me what his issue is and how he should proceed to fix it. Thank you. Teresa Schwartz - or 507-831-4022


J_hochstein_-_mountain_ash_1_300x300%2523 J._hochstein_-_mountain_ash_-_2_300x300%2523

Cottonwood County MN almost 2 years ago

Ash Leave growth

What is wrong with, I believe, my ash tree leaves. A lot of them have these orangish/yellowish growths on them and some of the leaves are even turning brown.



Cottonwood County MN almost 3 years ago

Moving a tree

We had a fairly large maple tree moved with a large commercial tree spade & were told to stake it until it gets established. What is the best way to stake such a tree?


Cottonwood County MN about 2 years ago

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