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Oak Tree Pests

I found these on the underside of the leaves of an oak tree at a local business. I looked because a lot of the leaves were damaged. Do you know what it is?

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Cass County MN almost 4 years ago

(2 of 2) here is the picture of the leaf of what I believe is a choke cherry...

(2 of 2) here is the picture of the leaf of what I believe is a choke cherry tree


Cass County MN almost 5 years ago

pine shrub

I want to get another pine shrub like the one I have, but It was here before we moved in and I don't know what it is. Can you tell by the pictures what it is so I can buy one? Thank you.


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Cass County MN almost 3 years ago

Apple tree

This is what the critters did to my apple tree this winter. Is there any hope for it? Thank you



Cass County MN about 3 years ago

Red pine tree branches are turning brown and limp

Hello, I had ( 9) 20 Ft Norway Pines installed in May, 2018. In early August, I noticed 4 of the trees displaying branches that are turning brown and looking limp. All 9 have been pretty well watered since installation but the 4 with distress are definitely getting less sun than the others . Over the years, we’ve installed many types of trees from seedlings to 20 foot trees and beside typical deer browsing, have never run into a problem like this. I’m suspecting some type of bug or disease may be causing the problems with the red pines . Any help would be much appreciated . Thank you, Pat


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Cass County MN almost 2 years ago

1. What is this plant/tree. It is common in the woods behind our Leech Lake...

1. What is this plant/tree. It is common in the woods behind our Leech Lake cabin. It is a small, low growing tree. Biggest I've seen is 5' high. 2. almost universally, these trees are developing yellow then white splotches with holes on their leaves. The leaves then fall off and the tree looks dead. What causes this? Are the trees in fact dead?



Cass County MN over 6 years ago

Curled leaves on tomatoes, green beans and peppers

The tomatoes are the worst. The plants are spindly and have leaf curls. The green beans and also some peppers are exhibiting the leaf curl also. We also have some patio tomatoes in pots by our house that have the leaf curl also. We have replanted some of the tomatoes and now they are getting the curl.


Cass County MN almost 3 years ago

Heritage birch clump- browning of leaf edges

Heritage Birch clump -browning of leaf edges We planted this tree last fall came back beautifully with lots of buds about 11feet tall. However it appears about 50% of the leaves edges turn brown as soon as they bud out. Is there anything I can do to ensure this doesn't happen or to help this tree be as healthy as possible i water it couple times a week as it has been very dry and hot up here. We also planted a sugar maple tree same time that tree is doing great.


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Cass County MN almost 3 years ago

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