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Sugar maple leaf

Black "stuff" on leaves.


Carver County MN about 2 years ago

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on what could be preventing my...

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on what could be preventing my tomatoes from ripening this year. I have been vegetable gardening for the past 12 years and have never experienced this problem. Over the years I have had some problems with blight so the last 2 years I have been applying a fungicide spray as recommended for tomato blight in the UofM extension's document- Early Blight of Tomatoes and Potatoes. This worked wonders last summer and I had a great tomato crop. This year we had some level of overspray from a soybean field nearby and for a few weeks the tomato plants did not look good, however they have since come back, filled out, bloomed and they have many green tomatoes. The two cherry tomato plants are producing a few, and a couple of the other plants yielded 2 red tomatoes each in late July. Since then none of the many green tomatoes are ripening. The plants continue to bloom, but none of the tomatoes are ripening. Is there a likely cause for this?


Carver County MN almost 5 years ago

Help with identifying an agricultural plant

We live in Carver County but there is a field in Stearns County on our way to our cabin that was planted - we cannot identify the crop. It has red leaves with a little green. I do have a picture I am attaching to help you with the identification. I have a couple more if that would help that I did not attach. It is a very unusual crop and we have asked many people. Hope you can help



Carver County MN 2 days ago

Lilac Tree Lost it's leaves

Our Lilac Tree / bush leaves have quickly turned brown and dropped off. I do not see any bugs. We trimmed the tree back. We are not sure if this is a fungus, watering issue or a lack for nutrients in the soil at this point. Please provide guidance so we can determine how to help this poor tree. Thanks!


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Carver County MN 2 days ago

Sick houseplant

Inherited this plant and am afraid I’m killing it. Have it south facing and watering it bimonthly, but moisture registers when I test it. Any ideas? Thanks.



Carver County MN 6 days ago

Ortho Weed B Gone and Lilacs

Every summer since 2006, I have used Ortho Weed B Gone that attaches to my hose and spray our backyard once. As part of this I spray the weeds along/under the middle 60 feet of a lilac hedge that is roughly 100 feet long and the lilacs are 9 feet high. This year, a couple of weeks after I sprayed, the lilac leaves began folding and dying. The entire 100 ft long hedge is affected, including the 20 feet on each end where I did not spray. Will you please confirm that this was likely due to the Weed B Gone, or is there potentially some other issue here? Thank you very much!


Carver County MN 8 days ago

Honeysuckle Vine

Hi! I have a honeysuckle vine that has been in the ground for 3+ years. It has never bloomed but grows wonderfully up my trellis. I am trying to figure out what kind of HS it is and how to push it to bloom and determine when to cut it back (as maybe that is my problem)? I tried the “plantsnap” app and it states that it is a winter HS.

Can you help determine what I have here and how to care for it?


Honeysuckle_2_300x300%2523 Honeysuckle_300x300%2523

Carver County MN 9 days ago

Scots Pine Problems

Hello, I have a handful of scots pine tress in our backyard landscaping. Most look fine, but we noticed one in particular seems to grow slower/differently than the rest and has quite a few branches that have few to no needles (ie: thin canopy). Also, if you look at the photo that compares it with its neighboring healthy pine, you'll see the new growth looks quite different. The healthy tree has long, slender new growth while the unhealthy one has shorter, rounder shoots. I was thinking it might be some sort of needle blight, but doesn't seem to quite fit. Want a second opinion. Is there anything we can do? Thanks!


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Carver County MN 10 days ago

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