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I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on what could be preventing my...

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on what could be preventing my tomatoes from ripening this year. I have been vegetable gardening for the past 12 years and have never experienced this problem. Over the years I have had some problems with blight so the last 2 years I have been applying a fungicide spray as recommended for tomato blight in the UofM extension's document- Early Blight of Tomatoes and Potatoes. This worked wonders last summer and I had a great tomato crop. This year we had some level of overspray from a soybean field nearby and for a few weeks the tomato plants did not look good, however they have since come back, filled out, bloomed and they have many green tomatoes. The two cherry tomato plants are producing a few, and a couple of the other plants yielded 2 red tomatoes each in late July. Since then none of the many green tomatoes are ripening. The plants continue to bloom, but none of the tomatoes are ripening. Is there a likely cause for this?


Carver County MN over 4 years ago

Sugar maple leaf

Black "stuff" on leaves.


Carver County MN almost 2 years ago

Lawn care

My backyard borders the woods and I get lots of weeds on my lawn closest to the woods. My question is would it work if I created a barrier between the woods and my lawn (maybe a foot wide) with woodchips? Would this help protect my lawn from getting more weeds from the woods? Thanks!



Carver County MN about 3 years ago

How to rid garden entirely full of thistle

We moved into a home with a 100 ' x 25 ' garden. we planted half with vine-type vegetables (squash, pumpkins) and the other half with carrots, tomatoes, peas, etc. The vine vegetables have always done well even as the weeds get out of hand and take over. The other side has been eaten 2 years in a row by rabbits, so I put a fence up and was all ready for this season. I till in the fall and spring. Since everything was eaten early last year we neglected the garden and it was entirely covered by weeds by fall, mostly thistle. This year I tilled, then forgot about it as winter continued. The thistle completely covered the garden, so 2 weeks ago I sprayed with an organic spray. Weeds were about 6" tall. It did nothing to kill them. Now they're 12-18" tall. If I could harvest them I'd be rich. I'm Ok giving up on this growing season if I focus on ridding the garden of weeds for next year, but how? I have some large, thick tarps that I thought about laying down for the season. I also have concentrated glyphosate that I use with a hose sprayer on my gravel driveway (that works well). Doing anything by hand on a garden of this size is out of the question. Do I till...or will that makes things worse? I'd like to do something before they start to bloom. Feel free to call at 612-201-7221.


Carver County MN almost 2 years ago


I recently moved and brought with me my Mom's peony plant I have had for 15 years. The association I live in does not allow altering to the landscaping. Will it survive if I leave it in the pot it is in? Recommendations on care for this plant to insure it will continue to grow and come back for many years? Thanks.


Carver County MN over 3 years ago

Raised garden

Hello,I am preparing a new raised vegetable garden bed that will be 6' x 10" with 10" fill. What is the suggested % of fill for a) peat moss; and b) hot compost. (Just started last fall from a spot in Hopkins.) and bags of dirt. We estimate 1.85 cubic yards of dirt needed. I just need some basic / rough portions on peat moss, compost and dirt. Thank you, Mary


Carver County MN about 4 years ago

red bud tree

When is the best time to remove dead branches from a red bud tree.


Carver County MN 21 days ago

I was on vacation and left some apples on my tree (Frozen now) What is the...

I was on vacation and left some apples on my tree (Frozen now) What is the best way to handle apples left on the tree past prime; leave on, pick, etc. I would like to do what is best for next year's fruit. Thank you


Carver County MN over 6 years ago

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