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Sugar maple leaf

Black "stuff" on leaves.


Carver County Minnesota over 1 year ago

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on what could be preventing my...

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on what could be preventing my tomatoes from ripening this year. I have been vegetable gardening for the past 12 years and have never experienced this problem. Over the years I have had some problems with blight so the last 2 years I have been applying a fungicide spray as recommended for tomato blight in the UofM extension's document- Early Blight of Tomatoes and Potatoes. This worked wonders last summer and I had a great tomato crop. This year we had some level of overspray from a soybean field nearby and for a few weeks the tomato plants did not look good, however they have since come back, filled out, bloomed and they have many green tomatoes. The two cherry tomato plants are producing a few, and a couple of the other plants yielded 2 red tomatoes each in late July. Since then none of the many green tomatoes are ripening. The plants continue to bloom, but none of the tomatoes are ripening. Is there a likely cause for this?


Carver County Minnesota tomatoes about 4 years ago

Tree roots

I have a 20-year-old ash tree in my front yard. It is looking great. I have kept the trunk mulched all this time and there is probably an 8 inch tall pile of mulch/dirt around it. The roots are growing out of the ground quite a bit and some are 3 to 4 inches above the ground and 4 inches diameter. in a 10 foot radius around the trunk. I would like to do something about it because it is a trip hazard and is getting very difficult to mow around. Will it kill/severely damage the tree if I chop those shallow roots off with an ax? If I were to cover them with dirt I feel it would take a dump truck of dirt the mound would change the drainage of my front yard.


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Carver County Minnesota 25 days ago

Type of plants to prune and when

I have 3 types of hydrangeas and wondering do I need to prune it and when. The types I have is Quickfire, Bobo and Pee Gee. Thank you


Carver County Minnesota 27 days ago


Will use of granular triazicide harm my lawn?


Carver County Minnesota about 1 month ago


Is yellow Nutsedge common in Minnesota ( ew sod that has a clay under)How to eradicate this weed?


Carver County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Fall Planting

Hi there: We have many plans for expanding our perennial garden in the coming year. To reduce the amount of work next spring, I'd like to plant some things this fall, but I'm confused about when it's too late to plant. Is it okay to plant after Oct 1 but before the ground is hard? Is the recommendation different for bare root plants? Some of the things I plan to plant, if this helps: Anemone nemorosa Mertensia Virginia Other selected bulbs Helleborus Early meadow rue wild ginger Thank you! Sandra


Carver County Minnesota about 1 month ago

Hydragea tree seems loose in ground. tipping over??

Landscape company planted tree last spring. I just planted Sedum plants and soil was very poor! Heavy backfill gravel with class 5 rocks from new construction. I dug out area around tree and added potting and planting soil for Sedum plants and am concerned that tree roots are on surface and not reaching deeper do to poor soil. *Can I dig up tree later this fall after pruning and amend soil to insure roots are in healthy soils? OR should I do it next spring? Will tree survive??


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Carver County Minnesota 2 months ago

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