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about Hostas

I was wondering if you take the flowers off will that prevent them from getting any bigger. thank you bonnie

Carlton County MN over 1 year ago

I have a maple tree that is not budding on one half of the tree. The other...

I have a maple tree that is not budding on one half of the tree. The other half has a lot of new growth and all budded out. Any suggestions?


Carlton County MN almost 6 years ago

Painful bug bite

Help- I was hiking the upper “Summer trail” at Jay Cooke and got bitten by a large bug. It burned like fire so much I was screaming. Trying to get it off of my wrist it felt like significant size, maybe a beetle? It didn’t swell like a hive (like bee or mosquito bites do), but left a bright red spot the size of pencil eraser. I put mud on it, and kept a cold, wet bandanna on it and it continued to burn. Throughout the next several hours my bones hurt in the area, and it hurt to move my hand- although I could no longer see the bite spot. *my daughter said it was black and might have had a bit of orange on it. Today I am fine....but curious as to what it might have been.


Carlton County MN over 1 year ago

Found a bug, Need help identifying.

Hello! I found a cool bug today and I would like help identifying! I am attaching a photo, but here's my description too: It was black, maybe half an inch long, and had 6 legs, with a long thorax; the tail looked similar to a dragonfly nymph. It had long antennae that seemed to have stripes in them, unless they were segments. In which case, it would have more than 10 segments in the antennae. It was very shiny, with a harder to see wingpad aside from a brown coloration in that segment of the body. Thanks in advance!



Carlton County MN 8 months ago

Blueberries falling off

I have had a blueberry plant for about five years. The last two years the blueberries form a lot of green fruit and then begin dropping off and I maybe only get a handful of ripe berries. I keep it watered well so I don't feel that is the problem. They drop right away after getting green berries. Can you help?


Carlton County MN over 3 years ago

Species identification

Just need to know what this is.
Huge bush about 12 feet tall .


Carlton County MN over 4 years ago

Name of Pinus Sylvestris cultivar at arboretum

There is a dwarf Pinus sylvestris cultivar in the dwarf conifer collection that is about 10-15' high that shows a great amount of the orange-colored bark and has many orange colored exposed branches, it is on the along the trail just before you look down the hill towards the hollow to the east. I would like to know the cultivar's name. It is on the south side of the trail as you head east towards the area where the trail goes down the hill, as the trail forks, it is on the right fork in the trail as you head back towards the original building's south exit to the gardens.


Carlton County MN over 5 years ago

Transplanting dwarf mugho pines

Hello, I would like to transplant some dwarf mugho pines from the north face of my house as they don't get enough sun where they're at. They were planted about 14 years ago. To replace them I've got Yew plants bought earlier this summer that are still in their pots. What's the best way to transplant to give the pines the best chance of survival and the yews a good start? Thank you!


Carlton County MN over 4 years ago

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