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Beautiful tomatoes and now terrible!

This isn't the first time this has happened to us, but it is the most severe year. My husband starts all his own plants and this year's tomato plants were very healthy! Now, this is happening (in picture). First one, then the others follow. The leaves are wilting. They aren't dry. I was doing some research and thought it might be due to the plastic mulch and roots not able to breath. So we removed it - but it's not stopping what's happening.


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Benton County MN almost 3 years ago

Weigela pruning

When is the right time to prune or cut back my weigelas, and still have them bloom the following year? Last summer, I cut them back in late July, and they did not bloom this year. Secondly, could I cut them back using a chainsaw? I have a lot of bushes, and they are getting out of control already, only a year after pruning! Thanks!


Benton County MN almost 4 years ago

Help identifying white oak disease

I'm trying to determine what is killing this white oak in our park. I'm concerned because the whole park is filled with mature oak trees and that is a big part of the park's draw. My fear is that its oak wilt. On the last picture there is a wound to the root system by one of our city mowers. Could that be the cause? It gone from a healthy looking oak at the beginning of July to this in September.


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Benton County MN over 2 years ago

See attached leaves and tree, half the leaves fell off last week and they...

See attached leaves and tree, half the leaves fell off last week and they have lots of spots. Do I need to worry or take action?



Benton County MN almost 5 years ago

I have grubs in my yard and garden. Will Milky Spore survive our winters, or...

I have grubs in my yard and garden. Will Milky Spore survive our winters, or will it need to be applied every year? I am looking for a long-term relative non-toxic (to cats & poultry)solution to the grub issue. Thanks.


Benton County MN over 6 years ago

What kind of chrysalis is this?

Found these 3 chrysalises when working in my daylily bed. They are about the size of a Monarch chrysalis, but look more like a swallowtail chrysalis. They are bronzy gold in color with small golden dots, They are attached at the top to the underside of a daylily leaf. Never seen ones like this before. Would like to know what will emerge & if it will emerge yet this fall or next spring. Thanks.



Benton County MN 9 months ago

what makes holes like this in my yard/garden?

I've been finding holes like this in my yard & garden lately. If I cover the hole with some of the surrounding soil & come back a while later, the hole is there again. We do have wasps that dig similar holes, but they are MUCH smaller. This seems kind of large for an insect. Thank you. -Deb



Benton County MN almost 2 years ago

what kind of caterpillar?

I found an iridescent hairless coppery brown caterpillar with 5 tan stripes that run the length of its body, including the head. It's about an inch long. My camera doesn't work on small things, but I could send an out of focus pic. I've searched online & can't find it. I've found a few crawling on the sidewalk by the house. Is it friend or foe? Thanks.


Benton County MN almost 2 years ago

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