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Oak wilt

My parents have an acre of land and about half of it is filled with mature oaks that despite their efforts to save, have all become infected with oak wilt. What options are there for disposing of all that wood? Thank you Lisa

Anoka County MN about 1 year ago

Grapes have a blight

Our grape clusters have grapes that are turning brown and molding. Possibly black rot but grapes aren't shriveling. We've been cutting them off and disposing of the diseased ones. How do we prevent or get control of what's happening? We are using a copper sulfate fungicide but didn't start at blossom time. Help please. We don't want to lose the whole crop. Thanks.

Anoka County MN about 1 year ago

Should I be concerned?

I found this growth on the side of my cement steps to my house. What is it? It looks like a bug home. What can I do about it?


Anoka County MN about 1 year ago

Bad Apples

We have a Honey Crisp and Honey Gold Apple Trees. We treated them for apple magots last year using milk jugs with vinegar and molasses. We had a lot of magots on the jugs. The apples were a little better. 1 out of 20 were edible. I have enclosed 3 pictures of the average applea. Thanks for your help.

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Anoka County MN over 1 year ago

Steep slope plants to prevent soil erosion.

I have a steep bank shoreline. 35 feet down at a 42 degree angle facing Northeast and partially shaded. I need a plant or plants that grow less the 2 1/2 feet and hopefully would have a deep and aggressive root system. Best regards.

Anoka County MN over 2 years ago

Plant identifocation.

It grows rapidly underground from pond edge. The more mature, the tougher the roots. The roots become bark-like. Does it serve a useful purpose? if not, how can I eliminate it in an environmentally friendly way?


Anoka County MN about 3 years ago

Please identify this plant

This plant starts at edge of pond. It travels underground rapidly with new shoots. It can get quite tall, and it has tough, bark-like roots as it matures. Please identify. If it is a weed with no purpose, is their an environmentally way to eliminate this plant?

Anoka County MN about 3 years ago

Brown pine needles on one side

Hi there, right after the hail storm we saw our pine tree needles start browning on one side. What could cause this? Worried they are dying!!! Thank you, Kim

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Anoka County MN about 3 years ago

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