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Ticks in February

My husband and I bought some land in southern Aitkin county this past summer and noticed the dog was always FULL of small ticks. Today I found a tick on her from this last weekend! (Feb 18-19) How is it possible in February?!


Aitkin County MN over 3 years ago

Jewel Beetles

We have a small log cabin in Aitkin, MN that is about 5 years old. For the last few years we have had issues with what we sure is a Jewel Beetle boring holes mostly around the outside but occasionally on the inside. We have about 6-10 new holes a week and wondering if there is a safe pesticide or another way to prevent these beetles from making our cabin home? Right now we just fill the holes with caulk and remove the beetles if we see them.


Aitkin County MN almost 3 years ago

Will Yukon Gold potatoes grow well in Aitkin, MN?

We'd love to grow Yukon Gold potatoes in Aitkin, Minnesota. We have rich but somewhat sandy soil, and red potatoes grew well there the last two years.


Aitkin County MN over 5 years ago

My 10 year old Maple tree has leaves only on the ends of its branches this...

My 10 year old Maple tree has leaves only on the ends of its branches this year. Do you know what could be wrong and if I can do ANYTHING to save this tree. Thanks for your help!


Aitkin County MN almost 6 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

Work in Aitkin county. It was under theft handle on a garbage can



Aitkin County MN almost 2 years ago

Plum Tree Diseases

Hello I have two Toka Plum which are about 5 years old. The second year I had a bit of fruit from the first, the third year none from either, and the fourth year I noticed that fruit had begun, but each fruit - quite quickly - began showing small black spots and subsequently turned into a small hard black ball. I did a little reading and decided that perhaps brown rot was a problem. This year I began spraying with Captan when the tress just began to bud and have followed at weekly intervals. I have also looked at intervals and picked any fruit that had black spots (I also noticed, at times, near such fruit wilted black blossoms) I have seen a great increase in fruit begun; however I am still seeing fruit with black spots which appear to subsequently spit (I am not sure this always happens as some of the smaller fruit still seem to become small hard black ball). However, this doesn't look like the pictures of brown rot I have seen and I am wondering if I am following the right treatment for whatever is going on. I have upload a few pictures which may clarify. The images are in order: a fruit that is turning black and two that are splitting I do not, by the way, notice any unhealthy leaves or limbs. Thanks


Beginning_300x300%2523 Split_300x300%2523 Split2_300x300%2523

Aitkin County MN 11 months ago

We have a summer cabin on Big Sandy Lake and own 2 lots. We are losing...

We have a summer cabin on Big Sandy Lake and own 2 lots. We are losing several scotch pines. There seems to be a bluish fluid that drains down the trunk of the tree. The needles turn brown and the tree dies. It seems to go pretty fast. We have at least 10 trees that are affected and 1 that we lost last year and it has been taken down. How fast will this spread along our bay? Is there something that can be done to save the trees or stop the spread? Does the county offer any help with saving them or taking them down.


Aitkin County MN over 5 years ago

Oak Diseae

Just want to make sure this isn't Oak wilt. It looks kind of like your photos of oak anthracnose. I didn't notice it until this year. The tree is located near a culvert that does have standing water when it rains a lot. The tree is in a campground with natural woodland around it. I just want to be sure it's not contagious to other oak trees. I can provide better photos at another time if need be. Thanks!


Img_1131_300x300%2523 Img_1134_300x300%2523 Img_1133_300x300%2523

Aitkin County MN almost 3 years ago

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