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green poop pile

What type of animal is making this big mound of green poop at the base of the tree?


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Wexford County Michigan unidentified droppings about 2 years ago

wont bloom

Pontinella bushes grow but wont bloom. Sandy acid soil feed them 2 times a year


Wexford County Michigan over 6 years ago

White foam on Dogwood

My Ivory Halo Dogwood shrubs have a white foam on them with little black shiny bugs. What causes this and what can I do to treat this? Is there something organic that is effective or do I need to use a herbicide? Also the edges of the leaves of my small trees are all turning brown. Not sure what the tree type is or what is turning the edges brown. I did see small spider webbing on a few of the branches but otherwise could not find what the problem is.


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Wexford County Michigan almost 2 years ago

Black widow spider

I live in Manton, Mi & found this spider in some rocks while gardening. I found a pic of a male black widow on line that looked very similar. Is this a black widow & I'm guessing if it is, there are more. It was within a few feet of my house



Wexford County Michigan insect issues almost 6 years ago

Spray license

I was wondering what i need to do & the coast of a commercial spray licance.


Wexford County Michigan pesticide applicator about 3 years ago

Zoning Permits & Right to Farm Act

I have been told that under the RTFA (actually state construction code), the farmer does not have to get a building permit but is subject to a zoning permit. I am the Zoning Administrator for Clam Lake Twp in Wexford County and heard a farmer is expanding a milking parlor. Just want to verify if a zoning permit can be required under RTF. Thanks. Cindy Warda


Wexford County Michigan over 2 years ago

Keep em healthy

First time farrowing... lost 10 of the 12. So so sad. 1 stil born 2 days later. The two survivors are doing great. 1 month old as of 4-20. Sow is great. Going to wean in 2 weeks. Any vacinations I should consider? Iron shots and wolf teeth done at 4 days.


Wexford County Michigan hogs pigs almost 7 years ago

Up north oak tree planting

I am planting 2’ saplings of both Burr & Red Oak in mesick Michigan. The soil drains easily where very few puddles remain after a storm. I plan to mix peat in the soil and some water saving granule’s when I plant the trees (40). What is the best way to position the soil around the tree to both protect it and help gather water for the tree’s?


Wexford County Michigan soil trees almost 2 years ago

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