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needle drop

what can i spray my trees ?

Wayne County MI 11 months ago

Soil depressions

I've noticed many depressions in my yard.In the overall yard there are more low spots than there are level, especially in the back yard. There is no appearance of rodent tunnelling, no dirt hills etc. I just don't know what could be the problem .

Wayne County MI over 1 year ago

rodent keep coming back

found two rodent holes two weeks ago,filled the holes with water,than rat poison,than stuff steel wool into each hole cover with dirt. these holes were going under our concert patio. Yesterday(07312016) founded a new hole, have search for another no luck in finding a second hole.I have left it along to see if its being used a nest left some torn paper outside not far from the hole. I have cut down all flowers and plants,will do it again they are growing back. My question? why do the rat keep coming back, no dog poop, no water,I have even destroyed what little veggie I had growing in pots. Why my yard? Oh, the holes are getting closer, and closer to our door.

Wayne County MI over 3 years ago



Wayne County MI almost 4 years ago

no blooms!

After being dormant after blooming last year I have brought it into light, watered etc. Have 3 very heavy 'leaves...no blooms! The leaves are rubbery and long. Any suggestions?

Wayne County MI almost 4 years ago

Salmonella and composting raw egg shells

Given the pervasive level of salmonella in our egg supply, is there a concern about composting uncooked egg shells in our gardens? We have a turnable compost bin that "cooks" the food waste: does this help or even matter?

Wayne County MI almost 7 years ago

Safety of using organic bone meal

Just read online that inhaling bone meal can cause a human form of mad cow disease. Is this true? I just bought some to use on my rose bushes but now I need to ensure that it is safe for me to handle. Please advise. Thank you.


Wayne County MI almost 2 years ago

Portfolio building for executives

Are there companies in Michigan that specialize in building professional portfolios for high-level executives in the field of education? Dean's, Vice Presidents, vice chancellors, provosts etc.


Wayne County MI over 3 years ago

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