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Trap and release

Is it legal under the DNR to trap small game on private suburban property and release onto public property? Do laws differ for certified rehabber?

Wayne County MI 6 months ago

Yard pests digging holes

Have constant battle with moles, using repellant. The last month, I have something digging holes a couple inches wide all over my beds and all around the brick at the base of my housel, literally riddled with holes! This has never happened in the many years I have lived here. Not the usual mole holes or trails. I have seen chipmunks near by but only twice, and I have always had chipmunks but no holes. I have teeny squirrels, less than half the size of regular ones which are new this year but haven’t seen by the holes. I don’t kill anything, but am at my wits end. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. PS my first attempt at this disappeared. Hope this goes through.


Wayne County MI 6 months ago

Name of a pine tree

See below the photo of pine tree. What is the name of this tree? What is maximum height of this tree?


Wayne County MI 7 months ago

125 gal pond inhabitants

BACKGROUND I have a new 125 gal pond with 200 gal pump. We’ll be putting a 6” docile adult red eared slider turtle in there, after we give a few goldfish a weeks alone in it. We have two water hyacinths, a pitcher plant. We have another plant I don’t know about. It’s dark purple-black, 8” tall, leaves all around and all the way up the stem. SNAIL QUESTION From what I’ve read, snails will join us, uninvited, from the yard or from future plants. My hostas are very close to this pond. I cannot have my hostas eaten. So, I’m thinking I should get assassin snails. Assassin snails breed slower than most, wont help the turtle and fish to destroy the water plants, and the won’t leave the pond to get my hostas. I’m thinking I can sell any extra snails to area residents as it’s not in common for folks to have a little pond. That way no assassins would starve, hopefully. What do you think of this? Questions, comments, and concerns are very welcomed and appreciated in advance. DUCKWEED QUESTION: I’d planned to put a very, very small amount of duckweed in the pond, and keeping it in check as needed just by plucking excess out, in order to attract frogs just because they’re cute and we’d love to keep attracting the female mallard that just lost her mate. They’ve been coming to us ten years now. Unless maybe she finds another mate... One duckweed question is, would mama mallard eat our goldfish? If so, we have some decisions to make there. We'll just have to protect the goldfish and hope she keeps coming to the remaining water spots so we get to see her. Maybe I’ll slip some duckweed into those spots. The second duckweed question is: will other carnivores be attracted to our fish, ones that otherwise wouldn’t have been if it weren’t for the duckweed? I read that several Michigan carnivores were eat duckweed, as well as mice and rats. Maybe I should avoid the duckweed and hope the frogs and toads and a satiated mama duck come by without duckweed and without harassing or eating the fish. There must be a way to keep the fish safe and have our other wishes come true. I could start a tiny, aerated, duckweed “pond”. Somehow. Again, ideas, thoughts, concerns are welcome and very appreciated! Thank for your time!

Wayne County MI 8 months ago


I have a few bites on my arm, I want to make sure I'm not in danger?


Wayne County MI 8 months ago

Plant fertilization

Is it best to fertilize plants the day before it rains?

Wayne County MI 8 months ago

Variegated Beech

Thanks Bob for responding so quickly! Never thought to attach a picture of the bark split so I am attaching here. Is this something I should worry about?


Wayne County MI 9 months ago

needle drop

what can i spray my trees ?

Wayne County MI almost 2 years ago

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