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Boxwood blight???

What to do???? How do you upload images?????

Washtenaw County Michigan 7 months ago

protect cherry from frost

I found an answer elsewhere on your site. Thank you so much!

Washtenaw County Michigan 10 months ago

Help with presumed fungal disease on a Hinoki Cypress

Folks, I would like to identify an arborist who could help with diagnosis and treatment of a tree in a residential section of Ann Arbor. It may be blight but in addition there are some non-canker growths on the trunk. I am a scientist but tree diseases are more than a bit outside my expertise... Thanks! Richard

Washtenaw County Michigan over 1 year ago

Nishiki willow borings

We have a recently planted Nishiki Willow and it appears something is boring into it. Is there anything we can do? Please see attached photos.

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Washtenaw County Michigan over 1 year ago

identify plant disease

Viburnum juddii has discoloration; located in Ann Arbor, Old West Side


Washtenaw County Michigan over 2 years ago

Small pink/white disks stuck to underside of oak leaves

After squirrels 'trimmed' some of our oak branches I noticed small disks stuck to many of the fallen branches with leaves. The disks were maybe .125" diameter and pink and white in color. They could be peeled off without tearing the leaf. Should I be worried about the health of the tree? Thanks, Bill Hill


Washtenaw County Michigan over 3 years ago

connecting an old bose lifestyle 12 system with rca cable to a 75" Samsung mu800

What type of converter do I need to connect my Bose system, I tried to connect to the TV true optical cable to red and white RCA cable a FiiO Taishan DO3K converter to the Bose system, but only getting sound from the front center speaker


Washtenaw County Michigan over 3 years ago

Dog Training

Looking for an obedience class for my 15 year old daughter to train a new 1 year old rescue dog in the Ann Arbor, Mi area.


Washtenaw County Michigan almost 5 years ago

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