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Lilac Question-White powdery substance

Hello. We have a client who has 4 lilac plants outside on his patio that has a white powdery substance on them. He would like to know what it could be and if he should treat it and with what. Thank You, Melissa Franklin MSU Extension-Van Buren

Van Buren County MI over 1 year ago

Fodder Sprout Growing

I need to calculate the heat load per ton of growing sprouts - this can be done in terms of the highest heat load gain on day 6-7 of the 7 day cycle or as a daily average. We assume a 7 day cycle. Looking for this in terms of delta Temp (for instance: Day 6 - 3 degrees or BTU per hour per ton of fodder) does anyone have anything close to this information? This is a typical load calculation required to size grow room HVAC systems.


Van Buren County MI about 7 years ago

tiny black bugs and lots of tiny ones i don't see embedding in my mouth and pubic and arm

Tiny black bugs and lots of bugs I dont see embedded in my mouth and arms and biting me and my pubic


Van Buren County MI over 3 years ago

Bird Identification

I would like to know the name, etc., of a large bird that has come to my bird feeders the last few first I thought they were female turkeys, but they just don't fit the descriptions I have read & seen. These birds are about 18' long, 12' high, have bright white faces with a red crest & red protuberances on either side of their beaks. From a distance they look like they are charcoal gray, but on closer inspection, they are black & white checked on their wings & breast. Could they be domestic birds? Your help would be appreciated.



Van Buren County MI over 6 years ago

Work with Amish Communities

Has the Extension office in Michigan developed materials to present to Amish communities about safety while traveling on roadways in buggies or on horse back? I have been looking for resources for a local community to share with their Amish families around safe travel, safe signaling of turns, etc. It appears as though there are limited resources in Michigan, and I was able to glean from my searching that some University Extension offices have materials. I appreciate your attention to this request, and your time. Thanks. Pam Ford Coordinator Safe Kids Greater South Haven


Van Buren County MI almost 2 years ago

Identity of flowering plant

What is this plant? The flowers remind me of heather but smell like lilac. The stalks are purple and the leaves are very thin and dark green. They are growing (in clumps, like flocks) alongside our lake in Western Michigan.


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Van Buren County MI 5 months ago

what herbicide will get rid of wild onion, or garlic

what herbicide will get rid of wild onion, or garlic


Van Buren County MI over 7 years ago

Big brown bat

Hi! I need expert advice please. This Summer a very cute big brown bat started living in my garage. He hasn’t caused any trouble and he doesn’t bother anybody. He doesn’t spend every night in our garage but I would say he spends probably four or five nights a week in our garage. And he’s always alone. I love bats and believe very strongly that they need to be protected. I have no problem with this guy staying in my garage for the winter but I want to make sure that that’s the best place for him to be. We do have a bat house but I hate to put it up because my children and I all love to see our cute little bat every day. What should I do to secure that he will have a healthy winter? And do I even need to worry about him or will he know where to go to hibernate for winter? Thank you.



Van Buren County MI over 2 years ago

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