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Fruit Drop- Sweet Cherries

We have had a county resident that has had her sweet cherry tree blossom and start fruit and then drop the fruit- some being quite big in size. This has happen the last 2 years but she said that she has gotten fruit from this tree 3 to 5 years ago shortly after she planted the tree. my first thought was that it was not getting sufficiently pollinated. Can you help us with this issue. She only has 1 sweet cherry tree on her property. I asked if there were any cherry trees close by. She didn't seem to think so. Would the cold winters the last few years have anything to do with this fruit drop problem.


Tuscola County Michigan fruit trees over 4 years ago

Hiring a planning firm for master plan and zoning update

Our township has never had a master plan, only a land use plan. Our zoning ordinance is also severely outdated, written in 1970's. Several provisions of the ordinance are no longer enforceable as they were struck down by courts. We have contacted 3 different planning firms, and have appointed a 3 person committee of 1 twp board member, 1 planning commission member, and 1 private citizen, to meet with and interview the 3 firms and make a recommendation to the township board which firm to hire. My question is, can you share some questions we should ask them to help narrow the field and make our recommendation?


Tuscola County Michigan zoning and land use regulation about 3 years ago

Cold damage to fruit tree buds

What temperature starts bud/blossom damage on fruit trees? or in other words how cold does it have to get before the cold starts to kill the buds on fruit trees? Apple & Peaches


Tuscola County Michigan fruit trees over 4 years ago

sick chicken

we have a 2 year old hen, dont know if shes egg bound or constipated but the smell is unreal, we have tried the warm baths, warm soapy water into vent and nothing there is something hard in there, and she has not pooped in two day we give her water with eyedropper, and she doesnt want to eat PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED A RESPONSE NOW


Tuscola County Michigan poultry over 4 years ago

How do you remove a nest of yellowjackets that have made their home in the wall of your home?

How do you remove a nest of yellowjackets that have made their home in the wall of your home?


Tuscola County Michigan about 5 years ago

Plant ID

Is this Jewelweed? It's across the road from me and I would like to harvest some to use it for for relief from poison ivy, oak and sumac in case I get a reaction from Uroshiol ridding my place of PI, PO and PS.


Img_20190813_133620693_300x300%2523 Img_20190813_133232009_300x300%2523 Img_20190813_133242006_300x300%2523

Tuscola County Michigan plant identification 3 months ago

Hydrangea decline

It is an older one that usually makes very large 3 lobed flowers. It seems to be wilting and dying one small part at a time. I've asked at our nursery here and followed their suggestions about pulling mulch father away and cutting down on the watering. But it seems to keep wilting and dying one stem at a time.

I've attached 3 pictures which I've taken over time since the beginning of August. I'm hoping they show the progression of the problem.


Img_6554_300x300%2523 Img_6472_300x300%2523 Img_6236_300x300%2523

Tuscola County Michigan hydrangeas about 1 month ago

property boarder and water rights

My neighbor sold 30 acres last fall (2016) and of course it had to be surveyed and it measured out that the property post that has been setting for the last 75 years was sitting at about at about 62 rods instead of at 60 rods what the deed says. Did I have to give up that property? It has always been farmed all of my, my dad's life, and beyond. The amount of land would be very small being it is a wedge narrowing down to nothing at about 80 rods. But the fellow that bought the property did the following:

There is about 12 to 15 acres with a valley through the center of it with about a 10% maybe more grade on each side of this valley that drains across my property. ( I don’t know exactly the size of the watershed that goes into this valley but it is close to a mile long with varying widths (up close to to 1/4 mile in places) There is a 6 inch and an 8 inch tile running through the valley that the renters, now owners broke down resulting in the water going over the valley instead of through the tile that are underground. The 6 inch tile was put in about 1915 and the 8 inch my dad and I put in about 1957. The 6 inch was put in to drain a spring that is further up stream in a woods and runs 365 days a year and the total length of that tile would be close to 2 miles long. They decided to tile this piece of ground that the valley goes through and of course it had to be drained into the valley. Now the following is specaiation I do not know what size tile they tiled the field with and I don’t know what size they used for a header but I presume the branches are 4 in and the header is 6 or 8 inch. I think they hooked onto the 8 inch tile right at the fence row between us at least that is what it looks like. They never said one thing to me about hooking on I knew nothing of their intentions until I saw the field all tore up with a tile plow. The increased flow through my tile probably will cause some blowouts. Then on top of that they went through a fence row and laid another 2 strands another probably 40 to 60 rods or more that they added to this same header. There it probably about 40 to 60 feet of fall from some of the tile that they ran into the header. It will be up to me to keep the ditch (about 30 rods) cleaned out that this water eventually drains into. If my dad was around he would have insisted that they put their own drain across my place and would have to hook up any tile that they cut through and that would only be possible if they put it in with a wheel machine because they cannot tell when they cut through a tile with a plow machine. I established a waterway of about 2 to 3 acres without any help from anybody and maintain at my own cost and get no production out of the waterway that these tile go under and I will not let my tenant drive over this waterway with loaded trucks. It is all washed in soil in this waterway, it gets quite unstable when it gets soaked.

I plan on talking to him, what should I try and get him to do and what are my rights if he baulks?


Tuscola County Michigan about 2 years ago

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