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Hello, How do you know if there is oil or nat gas on your property? Thanks in...

Hello, How do you know if there is oil or nat gas on your property? Thanks in advance for your time.


Shiawassee County MI about 7 years ago

Burning plant

I have this plant in a flower bed I am unable to kill..very painful to touch. I would like to get help to identify it.i am concerned it is giant hogweed



Shiawassee County MI almost 4 years ago

Fertilizing conifers

What fertilizer? We have newly planted bare root trees, several years of them and then a mature variety.


Shiawassee County MI about 2 years ago

Garden Soil test for contaminants

Can I get my garden soil tested for heavy metals and other contaminants with the garden kit shown here online at MSU?


Shiawassee County MI almost 3 years ago

Poultry question

I have a wheezing hen with no other symptoms. How should I treat her?


Shiawassee County MI 10 months ago

Dying blue spruce trees

We have a group (13) of blue spruce trees that are dying or infected with some type of disease. They were planted on a large berm that separates our barn from our house in 1999. There are so much dry, brittle, needleless branches (particularly on the east side near the house) that I consider them a fire hazard. I have raised my concerns to my husband about a spark from a tractor, combine, etc., but he does not share my concern. I thought if I had some professional feedback on the matter, that he would recognize the extent of the problem better.


Shiawassee County MI about 2 years ago

Weird fungus growing under my spruce

I have an odd fungus that was white and larger than a basketball. Now it is bigger than a basket ball and is changing colors.


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Shiawassee County MI over 1 year ago

Fungus on shrubs

I have a white fungus(?) on my lilac brushes and on the hedge around my back yard. I was told that it was due to in adequate air circulation and too much shade. I would like an expert to look at these pictures to see if it can be identified and what remedy might solve the issue before I start to plant replacement shrubs.


Img_0056_300x300%2523 Img_0057_300x300%2523 Img_0059_300x300%2523

Shiawassee County MI about 2 years ago

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