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Pest control

A grub or worm has been killing my young apple trees. I'll include a picture and hope you can tell me what it is and how to eradicate it.



Schoolcraft County MI almost 2 years ago

spruce budworm and Bt

The Michigan DNR recommends using a product containing Bt for Spruce Budworms. Can you direct me to a product that I can buy containing Bt? I have been unable to find anything containing this. Thank you.


Schoolcraft County MI about 4 years ago

Are juniper species resistant to deer damage?

A friend is looking to plant a privacy hedge; juniper might be one option. Are junipers resistant to deer damage? Looking particularly at Juniperus virginiana, Skyrocket.


Schoolcraft County MI 3 months ago

Best place to buy trilium

I would like to plant white trilium in our wooded areas on our property in Manistique in the UP. Is there a good mail order source you can recommend? I would prefer to buy plants at a store though. Any recommendations on such a source. Thank you.


Schoolcraft County MI over 2 years ago

Wild simulated ginseng: new soil every year?


Saw this on reddit that ginseng requires new soil each year due to the nutrient content:

I haven't seen this information regarding wild simulated growth. Is this relevant to wild simulated techniques?


Schoolcraft County MI 9 months ago

Fungus identification

I am looking for an identification on this fungus that a neighbor found in his yard today.



Schoolcraft County MI about 1 month ago

What is this plant?

Hi all! Does anyone know what these berries are? They were apparently planted in our yard at some point prior to us buying the cabin (north of Manistique) and we have no clue! Are they edible? Used in recipes? I have a few more photos if you need them. The berries were picked about two weeks ago. Thank y’all in advance!


Berries_4_300x300%2523 Berries_5_300x300%2523 Berries_6_300x300%2523

Schoolcraft County MI 12 months ago

Land Division Act

I found one web site with the title: "Wading through the swamp of Michigan's Land Division Act." There's a title I heartily agree with. I have one question concerning a 9.5 acre parcel I bought in 1992. I split said parcel three times since then with the last split in 2003. I was under the impression that after 10 years I could split my remaining parcel (4 acres) another three times, but am being told now that I have only one split left. True statement, I wonder, or a city official confused by the Land Division Act?


Schoolcraft County MI almost 6 years ago

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