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Soil samples

I sent 3 soil samples in to be tested and have received 1 report!!! The samples were sent on or around 7-16-2014...There ID was: Front, Side, Back. I received the "back" report..


Sanilac County Michigan almost 6 years ago

What’s eating this tree?

3 or 4 years ago neighbors complained of lots of moths in and around our tree. Since then, we have noticed quite a few, and the caterpillars had been obviously feasting. Other trees in the neighborhood had similar issues. The tree seemed to recover until last summer, when the damage was extensive.

You can see from the image how close it is to the cottage. It is right at the top of the bluff on Lake Huron. I hate to spray anything because it's a nesting site for many species of birds. But I don't want to loose the shade and wind break.

I hope it's not too late to save this tree.


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Sanilac County Michigan about 7 years ago

White pine split in storm

I have a 26 year old white pine that split falling the larger trunk of the two. Will this tree make it/ bleed to death. And if death, can I help it in any way? Thank you for your time.


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Sanilac County Michigan almost 2 years ago

Wide blade grass in lawn

I have a wide blade grass growing in my lawn ( attached photo) that I have been unable to get rid of. It keeps multiplying. What is it and how do I get rid of it? Thanks



Sanilac County Michigan 10 months ago

What plant is this

I'm just curious what these are no one in my family knows


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Sanilac County Michigan almost 4 years ago

Do you want my Ash trees?

Just heard a presentation today by Brian VanPatten in Lexington MI 48450, the presenter said if we had Ash trees to let you all know as you might be interested in them?


Sanilac County Michigan about 1 year ago

zoning administrator/ordinance enforcement

Can a zoning administrator/ordinance enforcement officer be a board trustee without giving up zoning position. John G. Yatros zoning administrato/oeo Thanks


Sanilac County Michigan over 4 years ago

Seasoning business question

What kind of permit/license is needed for seasoning business? We intent to purchase spices in bulk, mix and package our blend for retail and online sales.


Sanilac County Michigan about 1 year ago

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