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finding rock for sharpening stones

Hello, I am looking for types of rocks that can be found in Southern Michigan (St. Joseph Co.) that can be used for making sharpening stones. I believe it would be in the family of mesomorphic rock(s) but I am not sure of any and all candidates. I love making things, repurposing, and reuseing. Making things from scratch that most people would just go out and buy fuels and intrigues me. Any help in what types of rocks I can look for, where to look, and how to identify them would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Sincerely, Canton


St. Joseph County MI almost 5 years ago


I planted Sweet Peas in my garden for the first time in 2017. They did fairly well so I just left them alone in the fall. This year, contrary to most things in my garden, the Sweet Peas flourished. Should I cut them back or just leave them alone for the 2019 season?
Thank You, Sam Young


St. Joseph County MI over 2 years ago

Soil Erosion Testing

I'm needing to get a soil erosion test done. I'm not sure if this is something that is done at MSU. It is for soil in a Lake. This is something the DEQ is requiring because some areas of the lake have elevated levels of Arsenic, and other heavy metals.


St. Joseph County MI about 3 years ago

Sumac identification and use of pods in bee keeping

Hi, I understand that sumac pods can be dried and are good material for use in bee keeping smokers.

While Sumac is prevalent in our Southwest Michigan area I am unaware as to what type sumac is used for this purpose and how to identify what is found on our property. Of course even without use for beekeeping we need to be aware if what we have is a "poison" variety of Sumac.

I would appreciate hearing from someone who can assist us on this matter. Pictures for identification can be provided to expert for identification purposes.


St. Joseph County MI over 4 years ago


the ph on my soil test was high 7.8 how do i lower it?


St. Joseph County MI about 3 years ago

Need advice...

Hello - We are a retired couple that started organic gardening 4 years ago when we bought our retirement home. It's been going great so far, but this year a local crop farmer had an equipment malfunction and pesticide spewed over almost 1 1/2 acres. We lost everything!!! In fact, every time it rains we lose more. This includes our entire gardens, fruit trees, even the old lilac bushes - everything! Even though some of the foliage is still there on some plants, no vegetables or fruits. The farmer came and apologized and said an insurance adjuster would be by to look at all the damage. About 8-9 weeks into it (this all happened around June 10th), the adjuster finally came, treated us like we were idiots, then just left. Two weeks later we contacted him and he basically told us that we would just have to wait on him. We continued to tell him the time and effort we put into the soil for the past 4 years and all we have done so we would be completely organic. As of last week, he offered us a measly $1,000. Our itemized estimate to replace everything is over $10,000. We just wondered if there is anything you can help us with regarding knowing what damage this has done and how we can get back on track to organic gardening? We believe the chemical used was "Glyphosate". We are completely devastated at this point. We need to talk to someone that has more experience with organic gardening. Larry has a Master Gardening certificate (and was the ornamental gardener at the City of Kalamazoo for 20 years), but we don't know how detailed this is going to be to get our food back on track. Larry is a heart patient and also disabled from a spinal injury, so gardening is his life, truly and we live off the produce. The farmer has never returned to follow up, the insurance adjuster stopped calling, and we did talk to a lawyer that is going to send a letter to the insurance company to see if that would move the process. It's very expensive to secure a lawyer and not sure we are going to be able to afford it. If you have any advice for us, we would appreciate it so much!!! Thank you for listening to us vent and seek your opinion and any suggestions you have for us. Larry & Janna Hensley Phone: (269) 467-7382


St. Joseph County MI over 7 years ago


Do earwigs eat flowering plants? I have tons of earwigs around my house and sometimes IN my house. Something is eating my marigolds and I wondered if it could be earwigs. I know slugs will eat them, and I have put down some slug bait, but even in pots that are up high something is eating them too. I know what a Japanese beetle looks like and I haven't seen any of those around. . . so suspicious of earwigs!


St. Joseph County MI over 7 years ago

Worms in onion seeds

I soaked some Copra onion seeds for about a week, (city water supply), new seeds this year from seed source. I was getting ready to plant them for Fall crop but I noticed lots of tiny, white worms crawling among the seeds. Pic attached). Good thing or bad? If bad, what should I do? Robert Taylor



St. Joseph County MI 5 months ago

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