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Paw Paw Tree Fruit disappearing and verifying some plants purchased are actually Paw Paws?

Hello, I have two Paw Paw trees that have flowered and we hand (cross) pollinated them, it looked like there were about 30-40 fruits starting to set between the two trees, but now there are only about three fruits that are still growing, the rest of the fruit seems to have disappeared (Hasn't been eaten, or fallen off the tree). I also purchased some Paw Paw trees from another grower, and the trees are healthy and growing (about 2-3 ft. tall), but the leaves don't look at all like the typical Paw Paw leaves. I am hoping they flower in the next year or two to find out if they are indeed Paw Paws. I haven't been able to find any images of Paw Paw leaves that resemble these newer trees.


St. Clair County Michigan paw paw in distress over 1 year ago

Grant Writers

Where can I find grant writers who, like some trial lawyers, only get paid if they actually obtain a grant?


St. Clair County Michigan grant writing almost 6 years ago

sales tax exemption on ORV needing form 3372 and form either C3 or C4?

I provided a Form 3372 for a snowmobile and upon registering it at the secretary of state. I was told I had to provide a form C3 or form C4 to justify the use off farm should the DNR ask. I cannot find this form. Do you know what the lady at the S.O.S was talking about?


St. Clair County Michigan almost 3 years ago

Can u tell me what this is please ?

Can u tell me what this is please ?


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St. Clair County Michigan master gardener program wildflowers and native plants over 3 years ago

box elder bus out of control

Every Spring and Fall the south side of my house is covered with box elder bugs. They are getting into my house. I must have caught 10-12 inside of my house over the last 2 weeks..



St. Clair County Michigan over 1 year ago

Plant identification

Can you identify this plant?



St. Clair County Michigan over 1 year ago

Magnolia Tree Problems

Planted this little guy a few weeks ago. Now he is losing his leaves. It’s been really wet this season and I’m wondering if it’s getting to much water?



St. Clair County Michigan magnolia 4 months ago

Why are maple trees dying in st clair county mi

Around where I live several maple trees seem to be dying and some already died.


St. Clair County Michigan maple trees died maple trees dying 2 months ago

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