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Bug identity

What kind of bug is this? They are in our house all winter.

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Saginaw County MI over 3 years ago

Plum tree care

This plum tree is in my yard and I don’t know how to treat the issues or care for it

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Saginaw County MI 10 months ago

Industrial Hemp

Looking for an MSU extension agent for industrial hemp, fiber and CBD.

Saginaw County MI about 1 year ago

Soil Testing on 50 Acre Christmas Tree Farm

Good Morning, A customer called with questions about testing soil on his 50 acre Christmas Tree Farm. I gave him the general information, $12 cost for each soil box, instructions on collecting the soil, etc. Is the regular soil sample the only testing he needs to have done, or should he request other soil tests along with the regular soil test. I have his contact information and will respond to him when I hear from you.

Saginaw County MI about 1 year ago

Needle Cast

How can I get rid of needle cast on my Colorado Blue Spruce trees? I have approximately 148 trees on my 3.5 acre property! Help!!


Saginaw County MI about 1 year ago

poison ivy

Having great problem identifying and suffering rash for 2nd year.


Saginaw County MI almost 7 years ago

Poison ivy vines or wild grape?

I have some large vines growing up mature trees in my woods. Could you please identify?


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Saginaw County MI about 1 year ago

blackening aborvitae

Don -- I recently had this problem with my arborvitae. I called MSU Horticultural Center. They weren't sure but told me the amount of water certain trees need. I thoroughly soaked my arborvitae to the root. I saturated for 10 minutes right at the trunk of every tree. I have 65 of them 7' tall just planted this April. They were doing fine during the rainy season. We haven't had rain for about a month. I watered with a soaker hose for couple hours twice a week, but this was not enough. After I thoroughly watered, the very next day they looked like new trees. Lack of water is definitely the reason for blackening leaves. Its not about how often you water, but that you should give the trees a deep watering about every 3 days during hot dry summer. These trees will need watering like this even the second year. Barb


Saginaw County MI almost 4 years ago

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