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Loon nesting

Would loons nest on an island on Higgins Lake Michigan

Roscommon County MI about 2 years ago

Hi my name is Justin Pratt and I am looking to pursue my dream to play...

Hi my name is Justin Pratt and I am looking to pursue my dream to play football at the collegiate level. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on who I need to talk to and send my highlight to so I can hopefully get feedback. Any answer will help. Thanks


Roscommon County MI about 4 years ago

Growing grass where a tree was removed

I live on Houghton Lake in Roscommon County, and I am having trouble trying to grow grass in a spot where I had a large Maple tree removed last September (2019). The tree stump was ground down to below ground level and the resulting hole (almost 10' in diameter) was filled with clean fill dirt. However, I am having very little success in trying to grow grass in this spot, which I reseeded last fall and again this spring. A neighbor has told me that my difficulty is due to the many tree roots that remain and are rotting below where the tree stood. Is this true? I was planning to cultivate the area this coming fall with a roto-tiller, removing any remaining roots that I find, and trying to plant seed and grow grass again. Are the remaining tree roots really my problem, and will my plan to roto-till the area and reseed be successful? Thank you.


Roscommon County MI 5 months ago

Growing grass at Higgins Lake, MI

I have a cottage on Higgins Lake, Mi. My lawn has quite a bit of shade. Although having it fertilized and watered, it has been difficult to grow grass. I am considering trying to fix bare spots. I have tried to do this without much success over the years. Is it worth taking the black soil and mixing in compost with it? Is it going to make a difference? What kind of grass seed should be used? Thanks Patty Dennis


Roscommon County MI 9 months ago

Mushroom in Michigan

Can you tell me what this is and if it is poisonous?


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Roscommon County MI over 1 year ago

Rhizoctonia on staghorn fern

My staghorn fern has dark splotches on its shield. Is it rhizoctonia? If so, how should I treat it, and how do I avoid it in the future? If it's not rhizoctonia, can you tell me what it is? Thank you, Rebecca


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Roscommon County MI 4 months ago

Crabgrass preventer

Should lawn be freshly mowed before putting down fertilizer with crabgrass preventer?


Roscommon County MI 9 months ago

Trimming oaks in September or October in Northern Lower Michigan

What is the relative risk factor if we remove a mature red oak limb in September or October, vs. waiting until November 1? The tree is located near the shore of Houghton Lake in Northern Lower Michigan. The limb has recently (noticed in April 2018) incurred woodpecker damage, making four 1.5 inch diameter holes near the base of the limb, and the limb extends over an inhabited dwelling.
There are other mature oaks as well on the property, and we wish to avoid unnecessary risk of incurring or spreading oak wilt. So, we are trying to weigh the merits of removing the damaged limb (which likely has some other issue causing the woodpeckers to have bored into it) in September verses waiting until November. Please provide your advice?


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Roscommon County MI over 2 years ago

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