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White spots on cherry tree bark part 2

Attached are 3 more pictures.

Cherrytree4_300x300%2523 Cherrytree5_300x300%2523 Cherrytree6_300x300%2523

Ottawa County MI 8 months ago

Woodpecker damage

How can I prevent woodpecker damage in cedar siding?

Ottawa County MI over 1 year ago

optimum levels

I have a soiltest (#643847)and the numbers are do not tell what the optimum, normal or sufficient values should be. For instance the ORGANIC MATTER is 2.3%. What should I expect the normal or good range to be? Same is true for CALCIUM and CEC (whatever that is. No expected range is indicated?) I also don't see any test results for NITROGEN. THANX for your attention


Ottawa County MI over 6 years ago

daylilies yellowing

My daylilies are blooming well this year, but some of the leaves are turning yellow. Is this a nutrient issue? What I have noticed however is the daylilies that are in an area with crushed limestone and receive only rainwater show no signs of yellowing. Stumped!


Ottawa County MI over 4 years ago

What is this perennial?

Flowers are on shooters that extend approx 20" beyond leaves. Flowers have unique odor that most consider not pleasant.


Img_20150712_121507_354_300x300%2523 Img_20150712_121249_661_300x300%2523 Img_20150713_140852_356_300x300%2523

Ottawa County MI over 5 years ago

First time raised bed vegetable gardener

Good morning I'm looking for a printable guide that tells me when to plant what, I planted one tomato plant last year and I fell in love with being able to eat the fruits of my own labor it was grown organically. So now I want to expand. I've built two small raised beds. And there is just so much information whether Facebook and or YouTube that I get overwhelmed.


Ottawa County MI 8 months ago

Arborvitae Hedges - Care

We have arborvitae hedges in our backyard for privacy. They are a cedar variety and stand over 10' tall. We have very sandy soil here in Holland, MI, and we also live in a heavily wooded neighborhood, but still have ample sun that shines on the cedars. Since we moved here 5 years ago, we have never cleaned the accumulation of tree leaves from the base of the cedars (mainly oak and beech tree leaves). We have trimmed the hedges just once. They appear healthy, but may be thinning a little bit. Questions: #1 should we clear out the leaves, or leave them as is? #2 should we fertilize the bases if we clean out the leaves? #3 they appear to be spreading out from their bases (due to what seems to be an improper cutting before we moved in). Should we use ties to the base stems to get them to grow more upright and for their future growth and health? Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


Img_0597_300x300%2523 Img_0598_300x300%2523 Thumbnail_img_0599_300x300%2523

Ottawa County MI almost 2 years ago

Pieris japonica

Where can I buy a pieris Japonica plant/shrub in west Michigan? Preferably in or around grand Haven or west of grand Rapids? Jean


Ottawa County MI 8 months ago

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