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Environmentally safe tick spray

Looking for a yard tick spray that is safe for use around kids and bees.


Otsego County MI over 3 years ago

Friendly flies

Rumor going around that DNR brought the flies in to prey on the tent caterpillars. Your thoughts?


Otsego County MI over 1 year ago

Brown spruce trees

Why is my green spruce tree turning brown from the inside out? Will it spread to other trees-blue spruce? Will it help to cut it down?


Otsego County MI 7 months ago

Curious to know what these are

My parents found these on a roadside in Dickenson, North Dakota. Do you have any idea what they might be? Thank you in advance for any help


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Otsego County MI over 2 years ago

barn yard grass

how do I get rid of this from my lawn weed killers do nothing.a land scape co. Tried several applications and nothing worked


Otsego County MI over 6 years ago

Ground Cherry(?)

I have been invaded by what I'm told are ground cherries. They look like potato plants with yellow flowers under the leaves. The fruit is in a pouch that look like a paper lantern. There is a pit or seed in the middle-kind of looks like a tomatillo. Where did they come from? How can I get rid of them? When I try to pull them up; the roots are so deep I cannot get them all- it breaks of. Short of using Roundup; what can I do to rid my vegetable garden of them? They are taking over.


Otsego County MI over 4 years ago

powdery mildew

With the cold, rainy weather for the last 4 days, my sugar snap and garden peas have developed powdery mildew. The older vines are the worst. I have pulled them and put them in the trash. The younger vines have a much lighter case. Are the peas still edible? I hate to waste all the good food and time and energy. Anything I can do to the soil in the area that will mitigate any damage?


Otsego County MI over 5 years ago

spit on weeds?

I have noticed in the last few years that a week or so before I am invaded by rose chafers, I find a lot of tall weeds in the field behind my house have what looks like a bit of spit or soap suds around the middle of tall weeds. A friend heard it may be spiders; I have noticed that a week later, the chafers show up en masse. Is this coincidence or are we both wrong?


Otsego County MI over 4 years ago

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