Oscoda County, Michigan

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Milking sheep

How do you get into milking sheep and starting a dairy?


Oscoda County Michigan sheep 8 months ago

Wild Michigan Plant name unknown?

What is the name of this plant located on property upnorth - Comins MI Oscoda county.



Oscoda County Michigan plant identification 5 months ago

Pitiful Clematis

This year, the Clematis barely bloomed and the growth seemed to be stunted, with browning leaves. This was an established plant.


Oscoda County Michigan clematis vines about 4 years ago

Graphic Design

Are there any special permits or licenses I need for Oscoda County to start a graphic design business?


Oscoda County Michigan business 7 months ago

Northern Michigan fungi question #2

Here are some more pictures of mushrooms I picked last night that I would like to ID


Under_dead_maple_300x300%2523 At_a_base_of_a_tree_300x300%2523 4_mushrooms_300x300%2523

Oscoda County Michigan mushrooms fungus about 5 years ago

concord grapes in northern much

i planted 4 concord grapevines this spring they are approx 14 inches high what do i need to do to protect them from bitter cold in northern michigan ?


Oscoda County Michigan about 5 years ago

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