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Pine trees falling one row at a time

Our family tree farm has thousands of pine trees that are in rows (red pine) dying and falling. It looks like a UFO landing on one particular spot in the cluster of trees lol. Looking for answers and how to respond to this mess. Thanks!

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Osceola County MI 4 months ago


I am a registered nurse and live and work in the community. I am working on a project for a class I am taking and would like to talk to someone about Cardiovascular disease prevention within Osceola County, Michigan. Is this class available in my area? Can I get more information, in general, on this particular lesson and any others that may assist the community in my area to gain knowledge on health lifestyles and cardiovascular disease? Thank you for your assistance! Luci Jarvis, RN


Osceola County MI almost 4 years ago

Birch tree

A friend has a mature birch tree that is losing a lot of leaves. They are wondering what is causing it and what they can do to kill whatever is eating it or parasitizing it.


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Osceola County MI about 3 years ago

Plant in Garden

My daycare provider found this tall plant in her garden, and someone told her it was poison. She is concerned that the children she is in charge of will get into it. Can you please help.


Osceola County MI almost 6 years ago

Build up sandy soil?

What is the best way to build up sandy soil? Some areas have no vegetation just sand. What can I plant to build up the soil for hay? I was thinking of Hairy Vetch or Crimson Clover.


Osceola County MI about 1 year ago

Planning to plant blueberries, What do I need? Varieties?

I am planning to plant two 100 ft rows of blueberries. The site is located 1 mile north of the intersection of Clare, Isabella, Mecosta, and Osceola counties. What is the best type of blueberry to plant?Is 5Ft the correct spacing? Where could I purchase the plants?


Osceola County MI almost 7 years ago

Maple tree

I planted a Maple tree last fall in our back yard. This spring it seemed to be growing just fine. The leaves where nice and green, but we just noticed that they are turning red and it is only July. We live a few miles from Cadillac. I'm wondering if there is some kind of fertilizer that we can give it to help this confiscation and e this tree.


Osceola County MI about 1 year ago

Tiny black beetles

We have these tiny, tiny black beetles that are in our trees as well as in the house. Our elm tree leaves were just covered with them. Please help.


Osceola County MI about 1 year ago

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