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Two different colors of rose on the same plant

I have a rosebush that has white roses and pink & silver roses on the same branch. There is a fork in the branch and one leads to a white rose, the other to a rose that is pink on the inside of the petals and silver on the outside. Other buds on the branch seem to be a mix of either white or pink & silver. The original color of the bush is the pink & silver roses. I moved in April and moved the bush with me, so it was recently "traumatized" by being dug out and replanted. I've attached pictures of the branch, the bush, and a closeup of a flower of the original colors. What could have caused this odd occurrence?


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Ontonagon County MI over 3 years ago

Fungus on our Oak trees

What can I do to stop this???



Ontonagon County MI almost 5 years ago

Tomato blight

I have been plagued the last few years with what I believe is septoria leaf spot on all my tomato plants. I understand that cool and wet conditions are one cause, but I was also told the blight is actually in the soil. My question is, is there any product that can be added to the soil in the spring before planting that will help alleviate the problem. Once the problem appears I spray the plants with a copper based fungicide, but it really does very little good. Any help would be appreciated


Ontonagon County MI about 2 years ago

Newly planted Montomorency Cherry Trees

What sort of pest control challenges should I expect with these new trees? I would like to ensure that they are able to thrive year after year. Thanks, Bill F. “4G Ranch” Ontonagon County


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Ontonagon County MI about 2 years ago

Handouts from a training

Participants will learn how the new act will impact their communities and what their options are as local government officials. March 6th at Extension in Marquette

How could I get copies that are being handed out at this session if I am not able to attend?? Is it possible to get them if I pay for costs and mailing??


Ontonagon County MI about 3 years ago

Best foods for Gout & Coumadin patients

What are the best foods for a patient that takes Coumadin blood thinner and is sensitive to Gout attacks ? Thank You, Alex Kiwior,


Ontonagon County MI 2 months ago

is this a wolf?

I was just wondering if this is a wolf? It was taken in Upper Michigan, it was really far away so this is the best picture I could get. Is it possible it's a Red Wolf? It looked to big to be a coyote.


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Ontonagon County MI almost 5 years ago


I need a grant to monitor HWA


Ontonagon County MI 6 months ago

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