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The pine trees on my property look like they have moss growing on them.. Should I be concerned?

Ogemaw County MI over 5 years ago

Unknown tree seed

I purchased a cottage on AuSable Lake. I believe I have 3 Oak trees between the house and water.
Approximately 4-5 weeks ago, many, many small pea size balls have been dropping regularly. They are not the shape of an acorn. My question is what kind of tree, if not oak, dumps little pea-shape seeds? Thanks



Ogemaw County MI almost 3 years ago

Maple Tree leaf problem

I was hoping that you could help in identifying what the problem is with my Maple Tree. I have a residence in Ogemaw county, but do not live there full -time. When we came up this week the damage to the leaves was very noticeable and we were only gone for one week. I only have the one tree and would like help in finding an answer to treat this problem.


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Ogemaw County MI about 5 years ago

What's causing this sap to seep from my red pine?

I have several very tall red pines that have developed some weeping hardened sap areas around small holes. Any idea what could be doing this? And what do I need to do to help my tree stay healthy?


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Ogemaw County MI almost 4 years ago

Invasive Weed

I have this weird weed growing and multiplying in my yard and garden. What is it, where did it come from and how do I get rid of it. I've been spraying it with weed killer for the last 3 years but the weed seems to be winning and spreading.


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Ogemaw County MI about 4 years ago

White Pine tree losing needles

I had a consumer stop in the Extension office and inquired about their White Pine Trees. The needles are turning brown and falling off. They are older trees and are about 100 feet tall, there is about 40 of them. They are in sandy soil and have not had any previous problems. I have attached copies of their pictures to help in identifying their problems. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


White__1_300x300%2523 White__6_300x300%2523 White__8_300x300%2523

Ogemaw County MI about 4 years ago

Ogemaw weed ID

Someone brought this weed in that has become a problem in they vegetable garden. They have tried a "weed & grass killer" on it without success. What is it and how can they control it?



Ogemaw County MI about 5 years ago

pumping out of pond to water garden

pumping out of a pond to water garden with copper sulfhate in pond hurt plants in garden


Ogemaw County MI about 3 years ago

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