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CO2 research

I’m a MSU alumnus and part time gardener. I was wondering if the university is doing any research into trees, cover crops, or other plants regarding their relative ability to absorb CO2 and or other atmospheric pollutants with an eye toward developing practical plant life with enhanced ability to scrub the air to address climate change. If we can breed better apples why not try to address this issue through agriculture too?

Oceana County Michigan over 1 year ago

Poison ivy

The serrated edges of the leaves of this 3 leaf plant have me confused. Is this poison ivy or a look alike?



Oceana County Michigan over 1 year ago

No mow grass

I’m buying some property between silver lake and stony lake, appx 5 miles from Lake Michigan. Sandy soil, some compost, what would be the best low maintenance grass? Or groundcover to plant.? Mostly shady property.!


Oceana County Michigan 7 months ago

Disease of maple leaves

What is this? What should we do for the trees?
This is a significant illness affecting the North and west sides of three contiguous Maple trees that are important for shade in our area. Do you know what is causing this? ...some of the leaves have turned brown and fallen. It has only been noted for 8-9 days.
Is there any treatment and what is the prognosis?
Thank you.


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Oceana County Michigan over 7 years ago

Please let me know what is destroying my beautiful bushes and how I can...

Please let me know what is destroying my beautiful bushes and how I can eliminate the pest. Thanks very much!!!


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Oceana County Michigan about 2 years ago

Is it beneficial to have a restricted spray license in Blueberries? I've been...

Is it beneficial to have a restricted spray license in Blueberries? I've been in greenhouse for 20yrs. and havent found a need?


Oceana County Michigan almost 6 years ago

Maple Tree Issues

I noticed the maple trees in my yard looking like they have some type of mites or bugs and the leaves are dying. Some have a webbing to them even. I want to make sure this will not injure my tress permanently, or that my dog won't be affected by the bugs. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you. Marilyn Warmuskerken


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Oceana County Michigan about 1 year ago

Large tree dropping branches

We have a large tree that has been dropping branches, two during a storm and two on a perfectly fine day. We have had other trees in the area falling too that seemed fine. The first tree I spoke of is very close to two cottages on Stonylake. Is this tree sick? Maybe too much water? What might we do to help this tree out, if anything? Thank you so much for your input. The Modrack’s and Henry’s


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Oceana County Michigan 5 months ago

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