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Evergreen problem

Please tell me what is happening with this tree. I think it is a spruce. Wondering if it can be saved?

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Oakland County Michigan 3 days ago

apple tree trunk bark peeling

could y’all please help us identify any known cause for this bark peeling/splitting on our apple trees?

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Oakland County Michigan apple trees 8 months ago

Symphyotrichum lanceolatum?

Is this wildflower Symphyotrichum lanceolatum?

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Oakland County Michigan 8 months ago

Bug identification

Is this a termite? I appreciate any and all help!! It is slightly squished

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Oakland County Michigan about 1 year ago

Process to approve a new ordinance at the county level of government

I am trying to find out if there is a law which lays out the process for a county government to adopt an ordinance. Is a proposed ordinance subject to one or more public hears? Is there one or more readings of the proposed ordinance prior to Commission vote? Where would I find this information and is it uniform for all 83 Michigan counties?

Oakland County Michigan over 2 years ago

Needle Cast?

Please let me know what's up with my spruce is this needle cast or something else. It's working its way down from the top first showed up a year ago crown only. Photos I've seen of needle cast show lower branches infected. What can I do to help the tree?

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Oakland County Michigan over 4 years ago

I'd there a season to pick acorn squash?

I planted acorn squash this year, and since now I'll be taking my mother to Arizona for the winter can we pick and eat in October or store until spring?


Oakland County Michigan food safety canning 9 months ago

battery pack design

What is the purpose and/or benefit of a separate charging terminal on a rechargeable battery pack.


Oakland County Michigan about 3 years ago

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