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Growth on plum tree

I have an interesting growth on my plum tree that I cannot get rid of. What should I use?

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Oakland County Michigan about 1 month ago

Orchards for sale in Oakland county

Hello, I'm a resident in Wixom, and an MSU alum. I wanted to spread the word about 2 established orchards for sale in the area. Both are extremely popular and busy. The locals love them both and really don't want them to be demolished into another subdivision. Families go to Erwin's all summer and Fall for Berry picking/ apple picking. Long's seems to be Fall apples only. Long's is located in Commerce, and Erwin's is in South Lyon. I hope that this post will help spread the word about this opportunity, and possibly save the orchards.

Oakland County Michigan fruit trees apple trees apples 6 months ago

Tree growing out of the of side of another tree

Hello! We have a tree that is growing out of the truck part of another tree. Completely different bark, completely different leaves. So far, anyone that has seen this is baffled. Does anyone have any ideas? Hoping we could save the ‘base’ tree. I can email pictures - site isn’t allowing me to upload pictures

Oakland County Michigan 6 months ago

Maple tree ptoblem

We have several mature maples that have leaves drying up and turning brown Any ideas?

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Oakland County Michigan maple trees 6 months ago

A strange finding in the yard

Just wondering what this is and if it is poisonous


Oakland County Michigan fungus fungus identification 8 months ago

Weed control

Is there a safe weed control for use in wetlands area?


Oakland County Michigan 9 months ago

Black walnut tree losing its leaves

Diameter is about 3 1/2 feet. I have ammonia sulfate 22-0-0 to put around the base to decrease leaf droppage and encourage growth. How much should I use?

Oakland County Michigan trees and shrubs 9 months ago

Evergreen problem

Please tell me what is happening with this tree. I think it is a spruce. Wondering if it can be saved?

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Oakland County Michigan 10 months ago

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