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Sick Apple Trees & Grape Vine

Separated this into 2 q's b/c mobile didn't show it was submitted

Oakland County MI 15 days ago


The leaves on my Cherry Plum tree are curling up and dying. Attaching several photos.

Oakland County MI 23 days ago

Dry arborvitaes

Should I replace these arborvitaes of what can I do to help them recovery? I am watery them, but I don’t see any improvements. They are damaged after remove the burlap after the winter. Also I noticed some animal is eating the drier leaves, probably a deer or rabbit.

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Oakland County MI about 1 month ago

Is this a viburnum!?

Is this a viburnum!?


Oakland County MI about 1 month ago

Viburnum leaves turning brown and falling off

Viburnum leaves turning blackish brown starting at tips, then entire leaf, then curl and fall off?

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Oakland County MI about 1 month ago

Brown Spots on Lawn

What could cause brown spots on lawn and how do I get rid of them ? It does not appear to be due to dry weather.

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Oakland County MI 2 months ago

Home buying

Maybe $650 a month rent when can I be able to afford a house payment questionnaire

Oakland County MI 2 months ago

Growth on plum tree

I have an interesting growth on my plum tree that I cannot get rid of. What should I use?

Plum_tree_growth_300x300%2523 Plum_tree_growth2_300x300%2523

Oakland County MI 5 months ago

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