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aquatic plant identification

currently accessing plants and i came across on that looks like a duster, a short stem and filaments


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Newaygo County MI over 2 years ago

Estimating Tonnage in a Silo

I have a client who said he used to pick up a chart from the Extension office that shows tonnage of chopped corn silage in various size silos. I looked on the Cooperative Extension site and found an article titled Estimating the Tonnage of Silage in a Bunker Silo dated 9-28-12 from University of Nebraska. It includes a formula for figuring this out. Wondering if we have available or can obtain a chart showing tonnage of chopped silage in bunker silo? Or is there a more simplified calculation that I could share with him? Thank you.


Newaygo County MI 10 months ago

Black Knot Disease in plum trees

I understand that I must prune out the branches with the galls. I notice that infected branches will also have twigs that are abnormally shortened and look "scrunched up" I'm assuming that these are infected and will also have to be pruned. After that (winter) what sort of fungicide should I use, and do I use this on the plum trees that are not infected? And can this disease infect red maples? The tall ones in my adjacent woods also have a gall, not as black.


Newaygo County MI 11 months ago

Getting signed up

Hello, I have 2 boys that would like to get signed up in a 4-H program. They are interested in raising hogs and sheep. We live north of Fremont about 6 miles and east of Hesperia about 4 miles. Please contact me through email.


Newaygo County MI almost 7 years ago

walnut trees

How to stop the tree from producing walnuts? The tree is about 60 ft. high & I have no way to spray it!
Thanks, Duane.


Newaygo County MI over 1 year ago

Gypsy moths.

How do we know if we must get our neighborhood sprayed to keep from loosing our forest we live in.
Bob hodge. Assn. President Walk up lake. Bitely mi. 2313496848


Newaygo County MI 7 days ago

Pampas grass

How do I find out if planting Pampas grass is restricted or even illegal in my area? I live in Grant Township, Grant MI. I'm out in the country, not in town, but do have neighbors both bordering my yard and across the road.


Newaygo County MI 3 months ago

Large bug

I have this bug by my garage and wonder what it is



Newaygo County MI about 1 year ago

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