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I have white-ish blobs growing in my yard. I dig them out (see photos below), yet they grow back. HELP! These are just a portion of what I dug up this evening. What is it and how do I get rid of it?


Muskegon County Michigan about 1 year ago

Neem oil spray for roses in a vegetable garden

I have a raised bed vegetable garden and one box I have given to my neighbor who wanted to grow roses because he’s in a wheelchair it’s easier accessible in a raised bed it has bugs on the roses and we wanted to use the name oil organic pesticide spray but I was concerned about having the spray in advertently hit the growing vegetables is there a danger with that spray affecting my vegetable garden?

Muskegon County Michigan over 1 year ago


Found on you know what it is?

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Muskegon County Michigan about 2 years ago

Oak tree concerns

I live in Twin Lake, Michigan and we have many very mature (25' to 60') oak trees throughout the area. This year the leaves are not coming out normally. Many of the trees have green leaves at the very top and lower branches have very small and sickly looking leaves that are not filling out. Usually, by this time of year the trees have completely leafed out. Is there a disease that is attacking oak trees this year? Thanks.
Bill Riordan


Muskegon County Michigan over 7 years ago

Tree identifying

Hi.... I have a tree growing in my dad's backyard I was wondering if you could help me identify. It is growing beautiful flowers on it. I took a picture of the flower. Thank you!
Sara Cornell



Muskegon County Michigan over 4 years ago

What are your thoughts on clover planting on residential vacant lots?

Wouldn't white clover become a problem eventually as an invasive into neighboring lawns?


Muskegon County Michigan about 5 years ago

Black blob on ground

We live on 10 acres of mostly red pine with some red oak and scrub trees. In the fall we have been getting slow moving masses of charcoal black teeny bugs so small you can't see them. Millions of them. What are they and should I worry about them?


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Muskegon County Michigan about 1 year ago

What type of flower?

What type of flower is this? It is in my flower bed. I thought it was a tea tree, but it definitely is not.



Muskegon County Michigan 11 months ago

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