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Unusual rock

Please identify my rock.


Montmorency County Michigan over 1 year ago

variety of vegetables

What variety and type of vegetables grow best in Montmorency county of the state of Mich..


Montmorency County Michigan fruits and vegetables horticulture over 6 years ago

Gypsy Moths

Is there another infestation of Gypsy Moths in the Lewiston Mi. area? A lot of leaf eating worms have been reported.


Montmorency County Michigan insect issues over 6 years ago

Yellowing Arbs

In July, we planted 9 Arborvitaes in various sizes. We watered daily via drip lines and they looked great all along. Recently, I have noticed yellowing from the inside of the tree, and it's happening with most of them. We have had 2 days of minor frost in this area. Help!


Montmorency County Michigan over 4 years ago

Unusual rock

What kind of rock is this?



Montmorency County Michigan rocks and minerals rock identification over 1 year ago

Why do these leaves look the way they do?

From Atlanta, Michigan. Herbicide wasn't on the leaves and uses no fertilizer. Says there were no bugs on the leaves. The man was wondering why the leaves were completely disintegrated.



Montmorency County Michigan over 3 years ago


I have acquired an old and very gangly umbrella plant. The shoots off of it are very tall...5' or so. How would you suggest I cut the plant back to control growth easier??


Montmorency County Michigan 4 months ago

Corn like weed

We are battling a corn like weed in our lawn and beds. It resembles corn but the leaves are more rounded. It also has spaghetti like roots that are deep. No tap root. I have pictures both in the ground and out with roots exposed. It is not editable, that I know of.


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Montmorency County Michigan over 2 years ago

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