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My query about price

How much if i order 40 apples fruit trees 10 pears 10 peaches 10 apricot 10 plums 20 blue berries and 20 much total. Im Angelita Gregory of six lakes montcalm county Michigan

Montcalm County Michigan over 1 year ago

wild oyster mushrooms

i have photos of oyster mushrooms i found in montcalm county mi. who could i send photos to to identify.

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Montcalm County Michigan over 1 year ago

mounds built in open fields

I keep finding mound up to 2 feet high and 1 to 2 feet in diameter built in my open field. There is no hole nearby and they can appear in 1 to 2 days. they are still covered with the weeds that were originally growing there. What builds these. I tried to take a picture but you can't really see mound.

Montcalm County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Michigan landlocked property

Is a piece of property in Michigan considered landlocked if the only access other than private property entering from the Flat River? The property in question is approx. 2.5 acres owned by Pine Twp in Montcalm County sec 26. [It is a small piece that is part of the original plat of the town of Langston, Mi. back in the 1800's.] It is a continuation of private property starting on Stanton, Rd. [522] on the S. going to the edge of the Flat River and is posted on the E. and W. side by this individual starting on the W. side and posted on the E. side by another property owner. The N. side is located on the Flat River. The only open access without getting permission from land owners would be to wade the river. There are no records of an easement, road or any other access either stated or implied that anyone has found. Does the 1997 Land Division act mean a piece of property must have LAND based access or does river access count as access? Pine Twp. claims the river counts as access. Everything I have read specifies a road or some type of land access. Can you tell me which is correct?.


Montcalm County Michigan about 4 years ago


We are seeing live honeybees near our home, but then many are dying. They seem disoriented and just sit or crawl around on the concrete then die. I have spring bulbs and cherry trees in bloom so they have nectar available. ??


Montcalm County Michigan 7 months ago

raspberries bearing flowers and then died

Have planted raspberries. They have grown and bear flowers but then died. Some experts said not to water them too much while others suggested the opposite. Which is true? Others said to plant them on Sept. but others said on June. What really is the best time to plant raspberries? Please help. This is the second years I ordered raspberries with same results. Don't know what must I do to save my raspberries. Hate to see them die. Thank you.


Montcalm County Michigan over 7 years ago

ID plant

Can you tell if the attached picture of the plant is poison?



Montcalm County Michigan over 1 year ago

Incomplete fruit formation on black raspberries

For the last 2 years my black raspberry bush have generated incomplete berries. The plants look healthy with lots of blooms, but as the berries mature they are not full fruits.



Montcalm County Michigan about 1 year ago

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