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Hello can you tell me what is happening to my buckeye tree and if I can save...

Hello can you tell me what is happening to my buckeye tree and if I can save it? Thank you!


Monroe County MI over 3 years ago

township meeting.

Can you be forced to speak at a podium and on camera rather than at you chair in a township meeting?


Monroe County MI about 2 years ago

Can you help me identify this bush?


I wonder if you could identify this leaf/bush. It's growing along the paths through our woods. The woods was farmland 34 years ago when we bought the property, but we left it uncultivated and a woods has grown.

My first guess is osage orange. There are quite a few bushes that suddenly popped up this year, and I've never noticed them before. After dealing with Russian Olive bushes and bittersweet vines left unattended, I want to nip any invasive plants in the bud, when it's easier.

If you can identify the plant, could you also provide some tips on control?

-- Dan Schroeder


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Monroe County MI over 4 years ago

Auction sales in Mich.

Is it legal for a local farm auction to continue to auction off poultry two times a month.


Monroe County MI over 5 years ago

White birch tree dying

Hello, What can I do, if anything, to get my birch back to health. It appears to be dying at the top and some of the side branches. I don't know if it is an insect, a soil problem or lack of water. There are some pix for your review. Thank you, Cherie, Monroe, Mi.


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Monroe County MI over 1 year ago

Acreage under water

Doing a split and the remainder may have 10 acres so not to violate the 4 to 1 rule, and the parcel in next to a large stream, +/- 3 acres under water, can the +/-3 aces under water be counted towards the 10 acres?


Monroe County MI over 3 years ago

Plant identification

Could you please tell me what this plant is?


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Monroe County MI 8 months ago

Ornamental Grass Identification

I'm looking for ornamental grass to cover a large area on my property. I would like it to be upright and not droopy, like some that I see. I like the grass in the photo I've attached if someone could identify it?



Monroe County MI over 2 years ago

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