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Maple and Blue Spruce with possible disease

Hi. I have a maple tree and blue spruce tree that appear to possibly have some kind of disease. Any advice? I have attached photos They are both older trees in the same front yard.

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Missaukee County MI 8 months ago

What is making the holes in my tree

Have 40 acres in Missaukee County Michigan. Just noticed these large holes in a live pine tree on my property. Is this from a Pileated woodpecker? Lots of ships at the base of the tree. How do I rid of them, don't want to loose anymore trees!


Missaukee County MI over 1 year ago

Wool from 60s, 70s, and 80s and chemical safety

I am looking at 100% wool army surplus pants from West Germany, Sweden, and France, and also New Zealand 80% wool, 20% nylon shirts from the 80s. Being army surplus, wool is actually affordable! My concern is that, being from the 1900s, and especially from foreign countries, the wool was treated or dyed with harmful chemicals and metals.

I would appreciate it if anyone could help me know if the pants or the shirt; either are likely safe. I am in a bit of a hurry to know. thank you!


Missaukee County MI over 5 years ago

Tree problem

Not sure what is killing my pine trees, 40 acres Missaukee county



Missaukee County MI over 1 year ago

what type of snake is this?

Attached is a picture of a snake that was in my yard and sometimes lives in my basement.


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Missaukee County MI over 4 years ago

Hedge virus?

An established hedge is dying from the top down. Is there something to spray? The new plants are dead also. The cedar trees are also dying. Please help me stop the problem.


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Missaukee County MI over 5 years ago

Daylilies turn color

I moved from Jefferson County, New York 18 months ago. I brought about 30 different daylilies with and transplanted them in Missaukee County, Michigan. I purchased them from several different companies, and no two lilies were the same color. The colors, while in New York, were as advertised. But when they grew in Michigan, both last and this year, they are all orange (like"ditch lilies"). Could the cause be that my yard is literally gravel? Other than color, the plants are VERY healthy. The clumps have all expanded, and the plants are all taller than when in New York.

If it is the gravel, what can I do about it?


Missaukee County MI over 3 years ago

Moss in flower garden

I have a garden with both annual and perennial plants at my cottage near Lake City, Michigan. Moss is present throughout the area. Had soil tested by MSU #C4E9L8. Also, the plants such as myrtle, while looking healthy, are not growing and spreading. The area has large oak trees and maples that provide semi shade. Soil drains well. Other than shade, moisture, or acidity of soil, are there other causes? Note moss is widespread on ours and other nearby property. Is moss a significant factor in plant growth? Would putting lime on the area improve plant growth? Attached is a picture of what it looks like.



Missaukee County MI over 5 years ago

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