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Black rot concord grapes

I think my Concord grapes have black rot. Does not appear to be a large amount now. Have only 4 plants about 10 years old. About 50 ft. of vines loaded. What can I do about it? From what I can find out I think it's too late for fungicide. If so, what should I do? Thank you.


Midland County Michigan over 1 year ago

Mother Goose with broken wing

There is a goose with a broken wing on my step-son’s property. It is staying by the back side of his pond. Step-son says there is a rather large flock of geese a few miles away. This one must have been separated due to her injury. Is there anything he can do?

Midland County Michigan over 1 year ago

LDA 4:1 ratio

I am considering a split of my 54 acre parcel. My assessor states that because the parent parcel measures 662' road frontage by 2632' deep, there is insufficient road frontage to meet the 4:1 requirement.
Does the required ratio refer to the PARENT parcel or the split parcels?
It seems to me that my parent parcel meets the requirements, just barely, and the splits I am considering certainly will.
So far this the only objection he has set forth.

Midland County Michigan land use 5 months ago

Strawberry Leaf spots

are these spots caused by overhead watering and not enough sun? these are everbearing strawberry plants planted this year. Second photo taken 1:30pm 8/28/2015 Looking to the north


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Midland County Michigan strawberry disease over 4 years ago

First time horse pasture planting

I'm putting in a new horse pasture on what was once raw forsest. I need soil fixing and planting advice and any other directions or help you can provide .



Midland County Michigan pastures and forages about 3 years ago

Rhodie dying

I live in Midland and have a very old, established, dying Rhodie. It starts with small brown spots that spread until the leaf is dead. I started after we removed a very large yew next to the plant. I've tried fungicides and they seem to have a short-term benefit.
Is there anywhere I can send a leaf or picture for diagnosis?
-Thanks, Brian Aurand


Midland County Michigan over 5 years ago

Controlling Black Rot in Concord grapes

I think my Concord grapes have black rot. It doesn't appear to be widespread. I have 4 vines about 10 years old with about 50 ft. of vines loaded. From what I could find out I think it's too late for fungicide. If not, what should I use? If so, what I do? Cut everything back and dispose of it? Thank you.



Midland County Michigan grapes grape diseases over 1 year ago

Cute lil weeds?

These little guys are about 3inches tall and have popped up around my hens & chicks. I actually think they look pretty cool and haven't pulled them out yet. The leaves are less than an inch long and are thick and juicy but haven't got much of a smell.



Midland County Michigan over 3 years ago

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