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moth? moth casing? bat?(OMG NO!)

Please id this 'thing' for me: found at noon, 2-3", too scary to actually measure or get too close to. Don't want to harm it just because it's scary, but if it's dangerous or harmful, that's another story. Thanks, Natalie (gardener deathly afraid of bats- altho I can see this isn't a bat-- it resembles one)Thanks for this service!



Menominee County Michigan insect identification over 4 years ago

Peony bugs

Every year I have the same problem bug on my peonies and I cannot get rid of them. We sprayed them with a bug killer and that did not help either


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Menominee County Michigan over 3 years ago

Peach tree curl cure

I have one peach tree. It had leaf curl last yr. I was told to use lime sulfur on it. Can't find lime sulfur. What commercial product can I purchase/use to help my tree? Need it soon!


Menominee County Michigan peaches fruit trees almost 6 years ago


We got to our summer home late this year. I found this weed well established in my day lilies. What would be the best way to get it out of the lilies? If it is Knot weed, I understand the you need to be careful with how you dispose of it.


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Menominee County Michigan over 2 years ago

Available land divisions

In 2000 I purchased a 10 acre parcel from a larger parent parcel. 1 split was conveyed with the 10 acres at time of sale and recorded in the deed.
In 2014 I purchased the remaining 18 acre original parent parcel. At that time I was told no splits could be made to the 18 acres as the previous owner used, conveyed all splits. The 10 acre parcel was never split.

I'm wonderig what my options are. Can I return conveyed split given to 10 acre parcel back to parent parcel and if so still split 10 acres due to the passage of 10 years since sale and recording? Can splits be earned by the passage of 10 years from last exercised split from parent parcel (2007?) I believe min lot size here is 5 acres.


Menominee County Michigan over 2 years ago

Tree harvest Red Pine plantation.White cedar.Tamarack Misc. trees

I have 1100 Red Pine 80 90 100 years old. Farm road excess best use as Utility poles.

Will sell

Can see on google maps just east of pond on north line.

2mi. e of rt 41 on rt 380 1/4 mi s on I 3 Lane.

Between J 1 rd and I 3 Ln s side

Stumps cut next to ground slash put in piles.


Menominee County Michigan about 4 years ago

Fertilize Christmas trees

When is the best time to fertilize Christmas trees. I was at a conference once they suggested as soon as the snow leaves the ground. Thank you for your time. Tim Stein


Menominee County Michigan almost 4 years ago

My beloved indoor night blooming cactus is sick

The color is changing and now I see little flies around the dirt that looks like fruit flies. What should I do?


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Menominee County Michigan houseplants over 1 year ago

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