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test tent worms

Is 2019 a bad year for tent worms

Mason County Michigan over 1 year ago

Gnats or Fruit flies

We have an infestion of tiny little flies in our house. I find conflicting information online about whether fruit flies and gnats are the same thing. These bugs do not seem attracted to fruit, which I have had sitting out at times, they don't bother it at all. But when we are just sitting around, like right at this moment, there is one flying around my face. We have tried the vinegar/dish soap remedy with little success. We got three dead flies in there over a period of days. We think they came in with the houseplants that had been outside over the summer. Is there anyone there who can help us!?


Mason County Michigan almost 8 years ago

Civic organization - growing petunias

Our local volunteer civic group plants 30,000 petunias along the streets, boulevards, and marina area each year. There are 35 "blocks" altogether. Since we are on the shore of Lake Michigan, there are many soil types, from sandy to clay to heavy dark soil. Our question is, how many soil samples will this require, and will this process be cost-prohibitive, since we are totally supported by donations? Also, salt from the streets during winter months is a factor. Suggestions?


Mason County Michigan about 6 years ago

Pretty Caterpillar

I have attached a photo of what I believe to be a venomous Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar. Please confirm. I live in a very dense mature climax Oak / Maple forest. This insect was sliding along the top of a leaf onto of my boat cover.



Mason County Michigan about 1 year ago

What closing costs can the seller pay

What closing costs can the seller pay?


Mason County Michigan over 3 years ago

What plant is this?

This looks like a fern to me. But I am curious as to what kind of fern it is. It just started growing in our garden this spring and it is now close to 8 feet tall. It isn't growing like any of our other ferns, if that is even what it is. Thanks



Mason County Michigan over 5 years ago


Is anyone interested in a large 20 lb. +- chunk of dinosaur poop? Broke into 3 chunks and found nuts and swirls in this piece. It's yours if someone wants to check it out. Found in woods on the north side of Hamlin lake in Mason county


Mason County Michigan about 1 year ago

level playing field

Im taking over a practice soccer field that is used a lot by a western MI high school. The fields turf stand is doing well but its lumpy like severe nercrotic ring spot on a non irrigated lawn. Whats the best approach to level? The lumps are not huge but could cause injury if a player was making a very hard cut in direction. I was thinking lots of areation and top dressing? Any advice would help I primarily over see large commercial lawns with little to no foot traffic.


Mason County Michigan over 7 years ago

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