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lactose free milk

In lactose free milk, has the lactose been removed or has it only been neutralized?


Marquette County MI over 7 years ago

Restoring Acidic Soil to Normal PH

I have a couple of decorative cedar trees (dead) that I want to remove. First of all, how do I check the acidity of the soil left behind, and what can I use to restore "normal" soil PH? Thank you for your help! Please reply at


Marquette County MI 3 months ago

Problem growing beets

My beets this year for the first time did not develop any size. A recent soil test shows ample phosphorus, potassium and magnesium. ph is 6.8. Deer ate tips off many but not all plants. I water regularly. What can I do? Mice are also a problem annually. Any suggestions?


Marquette County MI over 3 years ago

Ornamental Crabapples for Jelly

I am having a hard time finding a fruit-bearing crabapple tree to make jelly. I was wondering if ornamental crabapples are edible and could be used?


Marquette County MI almost 7 years ago

my hibuscus hasn't had flowers in a while

I live in northern Michigan and have an indoor hibiscus I received when my daughter was born - 26 years ago. I have kept it alive, but haven't had any flowers in a few years. Any suggestions? This year I trimmed the roots and corresponding plant; that usually does the trick. No flowers yet.


Marquette County MI about 4 years ago

Peony insect pest

What are the beatles called that destroy the blossoms on a peony plant? What non chemical substance can be used to get rid of them?


Marquette County MI about 6 years ago

Lyme disease-bearing insects

Dr. Howard Russell's article on ticks lists the diseases they carry, but quite recently I was informed by a friend (who attended a seminar on the subject) that other insects besides deer ticks are now transmitting Lyme disease: ALL ticks, blackflies, deer flies, mosquitoes, as well as others I do not now recall. It seems the bacterium? virus? has mutated.The seminar was conducted in Iron Mountain earlier this spring. Is there any evidence for this? Thank you for your time!Sara Culver


Marquette County MI about 6 years ago

Hollyhock diseases or pests

Greetings from Marquette Mi. My name is Chuck Weinrick. I have had serious problems with my hollyhocks for about 10 years. I'm sending you photos I took August 3rd, currently they are practically bare stalks with a few blossoms. Rebecca Krans directed me to you. I hope you have a solution to this condition. Thank You Chuck


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Marquette County MI almost 3 years ago

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