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9 bark

I have mold on my 9 bark,I have used bonide mix and spray (1 oz). Doen’t help. What else can I do?

Manistee County MI 6 months ago

Never mind!

Never mind!

Manistee County MI over 4 years ago

Oak Wilt stop cutting date

What is the date to stop cutting red oaks in the Brethren area of Manistee County this year? I have heard and read conflicting dates, one being April 1, and a newer publication being April 15.,4669,7-192-47796-409559--,00.html

I would like to get some oaks down this spring, but want to know when to stop and get the oaks transported out of the woods.


Manistee County MI almost 3 years ago

Which soil test kit?

I want to test my soil. I'm not a farmer, but the project is to test soil for creating a wildlfe food plot. Do I do that with the kit "BULLETIN-E3154", or do I need to get the traditional box (and if so how can I order the box on line?


Manistee County MI over 2 years ago

Tried looking up info on what i think is a mushroom

I have never seen this before I am assuming it's a type of mushroom just curious what it's name is



Manistee County MI over 4 years ago


We live in a brick house the outside of our home is c9vered with these catapiller thing we thought were tent worms but then they kept coming down on a silk thread like spiders do..
Any ideas on how we can get rid of them?


Manistee County MI 7 months ago

Fertilizer recommendation tool not working?

I've tried the MSU fertilizer recommendation tool webpage on several different devices and it never loads. Is it still active?


Manistee County MI over 1 year ago

Canned goods

I stored my canned goods that I prepared, in the garage and recently saw they were all frozen. Will they be safe to eat after they unthaw?. There are too many to eat right away.


Manistee County MI almost 7 years ago

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