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Free legal advice

I’m desperately searching for a lawyer to sue my landlord for refusing to repair the essential services in my rented mobile home in Harrison Township Michigan that have caused me extremely serious health and mental issues due to her negligence of not making these absolutely necessary repairs to the HAVAC system and refusing to send help to repair the windows that the levers are rusted shut making it impossible for me to open and access fresh air/clean ventilation necessary to mine or anybody’s health and well being. I’m having an extremely hard time finding a dr to confirm my health issues are as of a result of the landlords negligence because the second I mention my severe breathing issues they refuse to see me thinking I have COVID but I do not have Covid and need to see an experienced internist immediately as I’m in fear for life. Thank you

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Macomb County MI 5 months ago

Irrigation Options

Good Day, Our family runs a small strawberry farm in Macomb County. We currently have 1.5 acres of strawberries, with up to 5 acres available if we expanded the operation. We found in this very dry summer that the berries need irrigation, otherwise the berry size is very small. Also the new plants aren't thriving in the very dry conditions. We have a sandy loam that is great for drainage, but poor at moisture retention. We do have a small pond, but because of the sand vein, it does not retain much water. Using a pond for a water source is not a reliable option. We are thinking of having a water well drilled specifically for irrigation. The existing well for our house produces over 20 gallons per minute. Knowing that strawberry plants require 1 to 1.5 inches or rain per week, the usage would be about 30K to 35K gallons if there was no rainfall. (May and June, could scale back after production) Is a well a viable option? Would we need a water tank to fill and then draw from the tank? Does MSU have a bulletin or publication on the basics of irrigation for a small scale garden farm? (calculator for pump size, etc.). I am not sure where to start for my irrigation needs. Thank you.

Macomb County MI 7 months ago

Identify a plant

Can you identify the plant pictured below, please. It has hanging stems that produce beautiful flowers that grow facing the ground. Thank you.

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Macomb County MI 7 months ago

What kills a row of arbor vitae

My arbs were full and beautiful two years ago. They started dying from the bottom up and this year it is almost halfway up and they are 15’ plus. Could it be bagworms? Or something like that? I do not see any bags or bugs

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Macomb County MI 8 months ago

Food waste

Why do people food waste, when they can donate it to people who need food.

Macomb County MI about 1 year ago

How honest are supermarket being on food waste

When food is waste where do it go and what they do what the food that is wasted like don't they take it to the place that have trash every where or do they just clean it and then restored it and put it in the freezer in the back and then they resell it for the same price that it was before and everybody then buy it again and then take it home to eat or just save it up then if they don't want the food do they give it to the poor people that don't have food

Macomb County MI about 1 year ago

Food waste

How much food waste is wasted in a year? why isn't anybody doing anything about this? How can we get people to stop food waste?

Macomb County MI about 1 year ago

Food Waste

Why is food waste so important to y'all? Is food waste that important to the state? Where do the food go when it is wasted? What if the food is good and they still throw it away where do it go? If the food spoiled do it go to waste and where do it go?

Macomb County MI about 1 year ago

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