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Tree and shrub disease control

What is the recommended frequency for disease prevention/control related to residential landscape trees and shrubs? The commercial providers are selling programs that generally consist of an early spring application of dormant oil followed by 4-6 applications of insecticide/fungicide product.

Macomb County Michigan about 1 year ago

purple mountain ash

I have a purple mountain ash that got large seed pods a couple of years ago, they are still on the tree. I brought a branch to Mt. Clemens farmers market, the master gardners there couldn't tell me anything & didn't call back. the inside of the tree is bare until after the pods, there is some leafing starting in the other side of the pods now. The outside of the tree looks great the leaves are large and green. I was told by 2 different master gardeners that purple ashes don't get ash bores. Roseville DPW manager said that is what's wrong. I did find one D shaped hole, but no other signs. Can you conform that the pods are normal or is this beautiful tree dying. thank you so much for your time Debbie owens

Macomb County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Swale question

I sent this question in just now with a photo, but I am not sure it was received. I had our soil tested (see ##DAFDB7) and it is a highly clay soil. I have a swale in my backyard that I have not been able to walk over since it is soggy all summer. It drains toward a large drain opening, but even though it has a grade of about 3" per 10 ft toward this drain, the water just stands on the surface on much of it. Does it make sense to ditch it out down about 6 inches or so and put in a 4 inch schedule 30 plastic drain tile and cover that with soil that allows better drainage with the idea that the drain tile will carry the water to the drain? What do you recommend. In 40 years, I have never had a yard with this kind of problem.

Macomb County Michigan master gardener program soil drainage over 4 years ago

Critters in attic

What can u dinto get rid of squirrel in attic in Warren

Macomb County Michigan 4 months ago

Coffee Plant Stimulation

Can liquid coffee stimulate plant growth?

Macomb County Michigan about 2 years ago

tree growing up in deck

What kind of tree or weed is this growing through my deck?

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Macomb County Michigan almost 3 years ago

Not Magnetic Fool's Gold?

I found this artifact in the remains of a fire. Everything else was burnt to char, I have no idea how this thing survived in a green bag. It looks like fool's gold but is 0% attractive to a strong magnet.


Macomb County Michigan about 2 years ago

Public easement vs private easement

I have a 25 foot private easement for public utilities. The Michigan land acts says I can use that land except for a permanent structure. Which they define as having a permanent foundation and permanent utilities affixed to it. I put up a 7 x 7 plastic shed with skids and eyebolts for ease of mobility, similar to a ice shanty. The city says there are no portable sheds, but the city inspector who was telling me this has 2 plastic sheds on the side of his house that he did not get a permit For and has declared portable as well as 100's throw out the city. They also have no ordinance for a private easement. I do know they have the right to access that easement. This is why I offer to escrow or bond a reasonable amount of money in the event I was unable to move the shed myself. I have been ticketed for put in a shed on a public easement. The ordinance sec.32-47 Locations of improvements in the public easement. State: no improvements, structures or buildings, other than fences, walks or parking lots, may be erected In a public easement. I believe this ordinance to be intended for people who live on a Main Street or narrow streets and have encroached into the public easement between the street and sidewalk and built a parking lot. Is there a difference between public and private easement? I am Not allowed to put a parking lot in my backyard and I believe my shed to the portable. I have already went to the ZBA they sent me to city Council. City manager won't put on the agenda because he says it is a building issue. I tried for seven months I finally was asked to submit a plan for the portability of the shed which I did and asked that this be forward to city council for consideration and if turn down to be put on the agenda. My letter was never forwarded..The city attorney said in condsidering these matter they neen to condsider the ease on movement.He also said they have granted these requests in the past. I never received any answer to my request for permission. It was after being ignored for seven months that I put up the shed. Now they are prosecuting me. I followed the path that they set fourth and pay a fee to gain permission and they refused to even answer. Can they legally do this? It only took one day to tell me I was in violation.


Macomb County Michigan over 4 years ago

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