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Tree and shrub disease control

What is the recommended frequency for disease prevention/control related to residential landscape trees and shrubs? The commercial providers are selling programs that generally consist of an early spring application of dormant oil followed by 4-6 applications of insecticide/fungicide product.

Macomb County Michigan over 1 year ago

purple mountain ash

I have a purple mountain ash that got large seed pods a couple of years ago, they are still on the tree. I brought a branch to Mt. Clemens farmers market, the master gardners there couldn't tell me anything & didn't call back. the inside of the tree is bare until after the pods, there is some leafing starting in the other side of the pods now. The outside of the tree looks great the leaves are large and green. I was told by 2 different master gardeners that purple ashes don't get ash bores. Roseville DPW manager said that is what's wrong. I did find one D shaped hole, but no other signs. Can you conform that the pods are normal or is this beautiful tree dying. thank you so much for your time Debbie owens

Macomb County Michigan over 5 years ago

Swale question

I sent this question in just now with a photo, but I am not sure it was received. I had our soil tested (see ##DAFDB7) and it is a highly clay soil. I have a swale in my backyard that I have not been able to walk over since it is soggy all summer. It drains toward a large drain opening, but even though it has a grade of about 3" per 10 ft toward this drain, the water just stands on the surface on much of it. Does it make sense to ditch it out down about 6 inches or so and put in a 4 inch schedule 30 plastic drain tile and cover that with soil that allows better drainage with the idea that the drain tile will carry the water to the drain? What do you recommend. In 40 years, I have never had a yard with this kind of problem.

Macomb County Michigan master gardener program soil drainage about 5 years ago

Crapapple tree

We have removed the dead branches. The trunk is loosing bark and splitting. Is there any hope for this tree. This was a continuation of my first question. Please delete this question,
Thank you.

Macomb County Michigan trees and shrubs 5 months ago

Critters in attic

What can u dinto get rid of squirrel in attic in Warren

Macomb County Michigan 9 months ago

Coffee Plant Stimulation

Can liquid coffee stimulate plant growth?

Macomb County Michigan over 2 years ago

Please help Alum ID this mushroom

Hi I am in New haven Michigan the temperature is been pretty cold here about 55 at night it’s Early September and I found these please tell me if they are edible. Thank you very much.

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Macomb County Michigan 2 months ago

tree growing up in deck

What kind of tree or weed is this growing through my deck?

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Macomb County Michigan about 3 years ago

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