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Pest Problem

Hi there, We have a pest problem at our cottage in the UP. There is debris at the bottom of some walls which we recently put new wood paneling on on the inside. The debris contains no wood pulp, no bug carcasses, no live bug activity. The debris appears to be sand, asphalt shingle bits (the cottage has asphalt shingle), etc. The mounds of debris looks like pictures I've seen of termite droppings but under microscope it does not match the tubular nature of them.

I've attached pictures


Bug1_300x300%2523 Bug2_300x300%2523 Bug_3_300x300%2523

Mackinac County MI over 4 years ago

generational transitioning of the farm

I have a lady whose husband and son run the far, but don't "communicate" too well. She wasn't to know if there is a class on transitioning the family farm from current to next generation.


Mackinac County MI 11 months ago

Horse turnout

Hello, I am working on taking a fallow piece of land and making it a horse paddock. How do I make sure there are no poisonous plants in this area?


Mackinac County MI almost 6 years ago

pine trees dying in upper Michigan

This spring we have had over 30 pine trees and a few cedar bushes that have died on our property most in the same area and most are smaller trees (1-3 feet in height). These trees showed no signs of disease or stress in the fall and nothing has changed on the topology. We also have a number of larger pines that have small sections of the tree that have died. I have attached pictures.


Pine-1_300x300%2523 Pine-2_300x300%2523 Cedar-1_300x300%2523

Mackinac County MI about 2 years ago

Garage freezer considerations

I'm shopping for a freezer to put in the garage. I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and even garage rated freezers seem to have a suggested operating temperature down to zero degrees. Don't I wish? We frequently see temperatures below zero at night during the winter. So . . . chest or upright? Build a box around it with a lightbulb like the one for the pump which is also in the garage? Hoping you can offer some insight. Most folks I know don't give it much thought, but the manufacturers (GE and Frigidaire) warn about lost efficiency (it runs all the time) or degradation of the insulation in the freezer itself. Thanks. Sandi, class of '62
PS A repair service rep just told me the freezer will just turn off if ambient temp is below zero -- so no problem . . . ? . . . maybe? Just wait until the temp rises again . . . maybe?


Mackinac County MI 17 days ago

Bad Cherries 2013

I never got any good sweet cherries what caused them to all spoil before they got ripe ?


Mackinac County MI about 6 years ago

Was wondering what this is

Found growing in side yard after doing some clearing..


Purp_(2)_300x300%2523 Purple_close_300x300%2523 Purp_(3)_300x300%2523

Mackinac County MI over 2 years ago

flowers for Naubinway Michigan

will be moving to cottage in Naubinway Michigan on Lake Michigan. What flowers can we plant that will thrive in the climate. Will roses survive? Others?


Mackinac County MI about 7 years ago

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