Luce County, Michigan

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Can anyone identify this beetle?

Just wondering what kind of beetle this is haven't seen one before.


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Luce County Michigan about 6 years ago

Freezer Choke Cherry Jelly

A client wants a recipe for freezer choke cherry jelly, and she would like to know if she can use the same recipe for choke cherry jelly as blackberry jelly and instead of processing it in jars can she just freeze it?


Luce County Michigan about 6 years ago

Ground cover in the UP

I need to find a partial shade tolerant low growing ground cover for my front yard. I live in the woods, but do have some sun part of the day. Thanks!


Luce County Michigan over 2 years ago

Can you identify this weed?

This weed was found in the owner's flower garden. When she tried to remove it, she was pricked and now she has a rash on her hand.


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Luce County Michigan about 6 years ago

Maple Tree Disease

A man brought these leaves into our office today. He is wondering what this is on the leaves. The tree is about 30' tall and about 20 years old. The other maples around this tree do not have the same symptoms.


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Luce County Michigan about 5 years ago

Cucumber and Summer Squash plants turning yellow

I have cucumber and summer squash planted in a hoop house, why are the plants turning yellow?


Luce County Michigan over 5 years ago

What are these on this gladiolus blub?

This came in our office today the owner thinks it may be a disease. It looks like it may be corms but I'm not sure.


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Luce County Michigan about 6 years ago

Controling Bracken Ferns

How to eliminate Bracken Ferns along the side of a road. Ferns are destroying road by penetrating surface. Best method or herbicide to apply?


Luce County Michigan about 7 years ago

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