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Adding nitrogen and fertilizer to indoor tomato plants

A resident is growing cherry tomatoes in pots in soilless mix inside his home. He read in a guide to growing tomatoes ("Tomato Plant Master" by Yara?) that adding excess nitrogen while the plants are fruiting will make the tomatoes "puffy" instead of nice and firm. I believe the same guide said that he should reduce nitrogen before or as the plants begin to flower.

His questions are:
Should the nitrogen that he is adding to the tomato pots (as part of a fertilizer mix) be reduced before or as the tomato plants begin to flower, or can he continue the same fertilizer regime that he was using during the vegetative growth stage?
Is there any truth to the idea that the tomatoes will become "puffy" if the plants are given excess nitrogen during the fruiting stage?

Some additional background: As was mentioned, the resident is growing cherry tomatoes in a soilless potting mix inside his home. He seems to try to use only organic products. He mixed organic compost into the pots and adds compost tea once a week. His fertilizer regime is to add a dry, solid organic fertilizer (Dr. Earth) to the pots once every two weeks, at a rate of about 1 tsp. per gallon. This organic fertilizer includes ingredients such as bone meal and kelp meal. If he was going to reduce the nitrogen, he could add less of the same solid fertilizer mix, or use other separate nutrient sources. Seaweed extract was mentioned.

The resident would appreciate specifics on how nitrogen affects tomato plant and fruit growth and how best to apply fertilizer in his indoor-plant growing situation.

Thank you.

Livingston County MI about 2 years ago

Teach canning and preserving food

As a farmer, I have been cold pack and pressure canning; dehydrating; smoking and freezing foods for over 40 years. I have been asked countless times to teach others. Now that I am semi-retired, I have time to do so. With our current laws in Michigan, most of these processes fall outside of the Cottage industry laws, unless done in a commercial kitchen (most of which in my opinion are unspeakably filthy). There are no laws or standards that I have found which list or require qualifications or certifications to teach these processes, and Michigan no longer offers (or recognizes?) the Master canner certification. With obvious liability concerns, what steps can be taken to verify the teacher has up-to-date training and qualified to teach these processes safely, and further, what pointers and/or Companies would provide liability insurance? With the march to organics and healthier eating, we have a massive surge of people who want to not only grow, but preserve their own food. Most people prefer hands-on training...any advice or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Livingston County MI over 1 year ago

Rosa Sharon tree

I have a Rosa Sharon tree that has become severely invasive and over grown my entire garden and trees of it have grown throughout my yard and along the opposite side of my house and throughout my yard and I can not seem to get rid of it and it’s so many roots it looks like grass. Please help


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Livingston County MI rose of sharon 11 months ago

Delinquent home heating credit

My mother died in August of 2015. My brother filed her 2014 home heating credit but I never filed for 2015 can I still do that or is it too late?


Livingston County MI over 2 years ago

Tiny white crawler

I was on my hands and knees on a rug and spotted this tiny white bug crawling. Close up it looks furry. What the heck is it?


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Livingston County MI insect identification over 1 year ago

Apple powdery mildew, will it infect a type of fruit tree?

Hello. Have an apple tree in my yard that produces green apples (don't know the exact variety). The leaves and fruit are covered in a white mold (guessing "apple powdery mildew", but not 100% on that -do not have a picture). It is a somewhat small apple tree and am considering removing the tree and replacing with a paw paw (or two). Would the replacement paw paw be immune to the mold infesting my current apple tree? If not, is there a recommended treatment to the ground prior to planting the new tree(s)?


Livingston County MI apple diseases 11 months ago

Zoning Enabling Act Twsp Participation

Dear Kurt H Schindler, In a previous question in the Zoning, Adoption and Amendment sec. a ? was asked about Conditions on Zoning an Amendment you gave a two part answer. I am interested in the "Conditional Zoning" part of that answer. Toward the end of your answer you state: "that a Community also has the option to specify in their zoning (ordinance I believe you mean) that this option will not be used." Does this mean that the community does not have to participate or can opt out of putting the use of Conditional Rezoning in their Zoning Ordinance? We have our first-test case of a Conditional Rezoning request that much of the surrounding community is opposed to very soon. If the Community has not already can it still, specify in their zoning ordinance, that this option will not be used? Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. A speedy reply is politely requested as the meeting is coming up the week of 06-22-15. Kind regards, bem-Liv Cty, MI


Livingston County MI zoning amendment rezoning conditional zoning over 4 years ago

Ripping potato stems

Why are all of my potatoes docs or stems cracking ? Should I tape them up?


Livingston County MI fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

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