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Do protein values on a package reflect only that which is considered a complete protein?

For example: we know that durum wheat is not a complete protein but a box of spaghetti may claim 9 g protein per 2 oz. serving. Is that 9g of complete protein? Is that 9 g of protein that only 4 g of which may be complete?

As I understand it, the body utilizes only complete protein so the deficeint lysine that is the reason it is not complete needs to be provided by another food within 24 hours or the protein from the pasta is not used by the body, leaves as waste or is stored as fat.

if a product actually has two protein values, ie, complete and not complete, why doen't the FDA insist on that on the package since cheaters (Chinese melamine in pet food) that raises protein levels but is no way benefical could be the result.


Lenawee County MI almost 3 years ago

Front of Property Tree Barrier Issue

Looks like something is killing the trees from the trunk up. Could it be ants? Cornfield next door up the grade. Could it pesticides? I have more pics. Not sure of the tree/shrub type.



Lenawee County MI over 4 years ago

What kind of tree is this?

Please identify this tree for me!


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Lenawee County MI plant identification over 1 year ago

Pruned tree

How can we best care for this tree in our front yard? It was pruned by what we assume to be the city, but are not certain. Up to 4” cross sections of limbs are chopped and exposed. Also, there appears to be some nutritional deficiency or disease (see picture of leaf). Is there any special care we can take now to help this tree thrive next spring? Thanks!


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Lenawee County MI tree care 4 months ago

Olden Tree barrier issue

Additional Pic Looks like something is killing the trees from the trunk up. Could it be ants? Cornfield next door up the grade. Could it pesticides? I have more pics. Not sure of the tree/shrub type.



Lenawee County MI over 4 years ago

Need unbiased info on natural gas and oil drilling solicitation

My parents have been approached by a natural gas/oil drilling company re: my parents contracting to allow the company to check if their property has drilling/mining potential. My questions are: Are the "oil" producers really striking oil in Michigan,or are they fracture mining?

The majority of residential wells provide sulfur water,does the sulfur presence pose greater contamination and health issues than present in areas with less sulfur water? If surrounding properties are contacting with the petroleum companies, would my parents' 50 acres be affected (water contamination, possible gas-leak emissions, etc) even if they chose not to lease their property? I personally am against mining or drilling the common land, but I am not a decision maker on this issue. I would, however appreciate and unbiased information that I would forward to my parents. I have personally witnessed the horrific effects of well "leaks" "accidental water contamination" and "not-confirmable or deniable" effects in Otsego, Crawford and Montmorency in the past decades and am concerned my family not receiving the "whole" story of the companies intentions. Your time and consideration on this issue is appreciated.


Lenawee County MI oil production oil and gas leasing over 6 years ago

pruning red dogwood shrub

I have an overgrown red dogwood shrub. Its easily at least 8 feet tall. Its really outgrown its space. Is it possible to prune it down to like a 4 foot height without damaging the plant? If I can't prune it that short - is it possible to dig it out and move it without ruining its root system?



Lenawee County MI trees and shrubs almost 6 years ago

Township Owed Buildings

Are Township buildings required to meet state codes? My township is planning to buy a "fire trap". Do they have to bring it up to code before it can be used by the public?


Lenawee County MI about 6 years ago

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