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More pics for “What is this” question

Hello! Wondering if you can help identify this. We’re building a home on this property in Glen Arbor that was heavily affected by the August 2015 storm. I’m also looking for advice on how to eradicate. I’ve been pulling out by hand but there’s a lot of it. I’ve also sent other pics in a separate message. Thanks so much! Gayle

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Leelanau County MI over 3 years ago

Right to Farm Act as it Relates to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws

I have a time sensitive question on how the Right to Farm Act relates to Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws. Do indoor cannabis farmers have protection using the Right to Farm Act as it relates to nuisance issues and zoning? Please call me to discuss. I would really appreciate it. Kindest Regards, Elliot T. Swift 231-557-3958 2012 Graduate from the College of Natural Science

Leelanau County MI over 3 years ago

What is this fungus?

The past couple days we’ve noticed fungus growing in our front yard and I’m wondering if it’s safe we have dogs and children that I want to protect. Is there anything I should do and what causes it?


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Leelanau County MI 6 months ago

Breeder or research licensing

I have approximately 5 acres I wish to experiment with hemp. Ontario has breeder and research licensing for less than ten but more than four acres available. Does Michigan have anything like that?


Leelanau County MI 9 months ago

soil testing

HelloI am considering purchasing a lot in Glen Arbor MI, in the Homestead Resort. The lot is located near one of their onsite sewage system spray fields. I am hoping if you could advise me as to any issues I should be aware of related to being close to the spray field. I would like to have the soil tested in a few different locations on the lot for elevated ecoli levels. Does MSU have any extensions sites near Traverse City I could have this done at? Thank you for your time.


Leelanau County MI over 6 years ago

Horse Manure/Hay Field Managment - Weed Seed

Hi, We have a horse training facility and produce our own hay on 30 acres. We feed horses with our own hay and bed with saw dust. We weed spray/fertilize our fields in the spring/fall and would like to start spreading the horse manure from the stalls. My question: Is the horse manure going to be beneficial to the fields or will it spread weed seed, even if we spray. Thank you! Todd



Leelanau County MI over 3 years ago

I have a 2 year old wine vinyard in Leelanau County, Michigan... My question...

I have a 2 year old wine vinyard in Leelanau County, Michigan... My question relates to a 3 acre/newly hydro seeded lawn from the fall of 2016 of which the vineyard boarders the out side edge of this open space.. The clover is out of control and i do not think it to be wise to use a 2-4-D base product What might be your idea besides mechanical eradication?


Leelanau County MI over 3 years ago

Begonias with beautiful leaves, but no flowers

Hello...A friend overwintered his begonias in the garage the past 2 years. Last year the begonias bloomed, however so far this year they have beautiful leaves without flowers. He put them in pots with new potting soil and gave them a feeding of 32-10-10 fertilizer. My first inclination was too much nitrogen and I didn't think begonias fell into the acid loving category. My friend said the location of the pots was the same with the same sunlight. He did say he was watering them every day since it has been hot, dry and windy.


Leelanau County MI over 5 years ago

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