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Do you have community garden guidelines?

Extension is working with our local food council in establishing a "community" garden with our local nursing home. We would like to write up guidelines for the care of the gardens and an understanding that if the nursing home does not maintain the gardens then they will come back to the food council. The garden beds are all portable. Do you have any guidelines for writing an agreement and understanding of how the gardens will be managed?

Lake County MI community gardens garden guidelines 5 months ago

Zoning Administrator Vs. Landowner rights

Does a zoning administrator have the right to enter my property after I obtain a land use permit? My zoning administrator basically thinks he has a free pass to "investigate" my property. What if I tell him that he doesn't have permission to be on my property and hes trespassing?


Lake County MI zoning and land use regulation land use zoning administration zoning enforcement about 4 years ago

Ornamental tree sandy soil

Looking for a small ornamental tree for sandy soil. Looking under 25 ft. Suggestions for northern Michigan.


Lake County MI trees and shrubs over 1 year ago

Oak Trees

I have an oak tree that is speckled with black spots and when cut down it has white eggs in the center. Could you tell me what this is? it is effecting multiple trees


Lake County MI trees and shrubs over 6 years ago


Can I get a list of facilitators. I would like some help, with health care. I live in lake county mi.


Lake County MI almost 6 years ago

Micro sprinklers for frost protection in orchards

Hello, last fall I asked a question about how to protect orchards from spring frost and I decided to experiment with micro sprinklers for this spring. I have searched the internet and I can't seem to find the answers I am looking for. I understand the principles and how they work but I don't understand how to do it. For starters, I cant find what type of sprinkler I should buy. What type of sprinklers to professional orchards use and where do I buy them? Once I have them do I set them under the tree or in the tree? I'd like some that are somewhat water efficient since I have a lot of trees. I need some help with general information and any resources or things I overlooked would be great! Thanks!


Lake County MI fruits and vegetables tree fruit freeze protection almost 2 years ago

cold spring and fruit trees

Hello, recently it was warm enough to get the sap moving in the trees but the last week or two we have been experiencing cold weather. The temperature has been dropping to about 15 degrees for at least the last week and this morning it even got to 2 degrees. I haven't noticed any bud development or anything, but just the initial stages of fruit trees coming out of dormancy. Will this weather adversely effect fruit production in apples, pears, plums, peaches? I would assume apples and pears might be ok but wasn't sure about plums and peaches. Thanks!


Lake County MI almost 2 years ago

Zone 4 grass or groundcover

My folks are looking to cover a large hill in the yard. The soil is all sand and it gets limited sun.

Ideally, they'd like some sort of lawn, but because of the steep slope, it would be unsafe for them to mow the area. Also, because of the steep slope, any watering will just run off and increase the erosion.
It's a very large area, so we probably need something that can be planted by seed to make it affordable. Deer resistant also, as they live up north.

Please let me know any suggestions you have.


Lake County MI lawns and turf almost 7 years ago

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