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Best timber tree for 40-acre parcel just SE of Mohawk, MI

Hi! I'm a new property owner of a parcel that has had most hardwood removed recently. I'm wondering if there's a choice tree that would valuable to harvest in 40-60 years. Thanks. Paul


Keweenaw County Michigan 5 months ago

Honey bees and salt water pools

My Daughter in law just recently had an in ground salt water pool installed in a rural area of Tyrone Twp. in Livingston County MI. and honey bees from the acreage across the road are swarming around her pool. The pool is literally covered with bees. Are honey bees attracted to salt water pools any more than regular pool water? The submission shows Keweenaw County, but should read Livingston County. I clicked on the wrong county and could not edit that item.


Keweenaw County Michigan almost 5 years ago

Zoning and Campgrounds

Keweenaw County has a section in the zoning ordinance that a campground with five or more sites, must be located on a parcel of land no less than 10 Acres in size.

We are reviewing our ordinance regarding campgrounds and are wondering if the 10A is still legitimate and what do newer ordinances have.

We realize the state has regulations regarding site size, bathrooms requirements and such. We are wondering from a USE standing, what are other counties, townships doing.

Any help you can provide is appreciated.


Keweenaw County Michigan about 3 years ago

Thimbleberry bush destruction

We have been having nightly visits by some animal that has been cutting down the stalks of our thimbleberry plants close to the ground. This animal prefers dead stalks but in the process is destroying the live stalks. What can we do to stop these incursions short of erecting a border?



Keweenaw County Michigan almost 2 years ago

Waterfront setback minimums

Is there any minimum setback requirement the state of Michigan has for new construction, or expansion of a structure which is a waterfront property? The county is considering relaxing the setback to less than 25 feet in one waterfront community, and I was under the impression Michigan state law requires a minimum setback from the OHWM, or HHWM of 50 feet.


Keweenaw County Michigan over 5 years ago

allowed cottage food

Can a person use a powdered pepper/ground pepper like Cayenne to season a cottage food product?


Keweenaw County Michigan almost 3 years ago

Black with white marking grubs

I have brown patches in lawn and found these caterpillar/grubs, on surface of lawn. Adult 3/4 inch, young black, adult black with white markings


Keweenaw County Michigan almost 2 years ago

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