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What is this?

I'm not sure my original entry was sent so I am trying again. We found this bright green "worm" crawling over some rocks in our recently planted perennial shade garden. I was told it might be a tomato hornworm. When I looked at the picture on your website, it didn't seem to have the same markings. It was maybe 4 inches or more long and at least 1/2 inch in diameter. I found it a long way from my one tomato plant, which didn't show any of that type of damage. We captured it in a jar where it spun a kind of web. It is dead now, but I have never seen anything like it. What was it?


Kent County Michigan 4 months ago

Lawn Issue

I have patches of lawn that looked fried. This seems to be more than a need for water. Could you look at the attached pictures and let me know what you think is going on? Thanks so much!

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Kent County Michigan 5 months ago

Large hole in yard

What would dig a hole a foot wide in a large mowed lawn?

Kent County Michigan 6 months ago

Holstein Beef Production

My name is Keegan Mebert and I am an exhibitor at the Kent County Youth Fair in Lowell MI. My family and I have a few holstein steers that we are raising for direct to consumer market and have really enjoyed it. I have been looking into how to efficiently and effectively raise them. What truly is the best way to raise a holstein for beef? We have limited pasture so we feed a lot of grain and hay but grain becomes expensive and I feel that using silage or corn or another alternative is a better way to go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I navigate this new experience! Thank you in advance for your time. Keegan Mebert

Kent County Michigan 7 months ago


I have 2 large old trees on my lot in Casnovia. I am hoping someone could tell me the condition of these trees. Should I remove them for safety reasons. Please contact me at or 616-915-7294. Thanks Don

Kent County Michigan over 1 year ago


Some years ago we attended a series of lectures by MSU extension about nutrition and diet and found it very helpful. We are trying to contact a nutritionist in our area (Kent Country) is NOT affiliated with any products. It seems some Nutitionists always try and sell you their brand of vitamins, minerals and other materials. That is not what we are seeking - only good solid nutritional knowledge. Can you recommend someone?

Kent County Michigan about 2 years ago

Turf Grass Winter Height


I have heard mixed reviews regarding home turf height for the final cut, before winter. Last year I seemed to get a few bad snow mold or dead-spots. More than I can remember from before. I normally cut at 3 - 31/4" during the entire season, but was wondering how low should I cut for my finale winter mowing?

Any other tips / recommendations I need to know about?

Kent County Michigan about 2 years ago

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