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I have 2 large old trees on my lot in Casnovia. I am hoping someone could tell me the condition of these trees. Should I remove them for safety reasons. Please contact me at or 616-915-7294. Thanks Don

Kent County MI 8 months ago


Some years ago we attended a series of lectures by MSU extension about nutrition and diet and found it very helpful. We are trying to contact a nutritionist in our area (Kent Country) is NOT affiliated with any products. It seems some Nutitionists always try and sell you their brand of vitamins, minerals and other materials. That is not what we are seeking - only good solid nutritional knowledge. Can you recommend someone?

Kent County MI nutrition about 1 year ago

Turf Grass Winter Height


I have heard mixed reviews regarding home turf height for the final cut, before winter. Last year I seemed to get a few bad snow mold or dead-spots. More than I can remember from before. I normally cut at 3 - 31/4" during the entire season, but was wondering how low should I cut for my finale winter mowing?

Any other tips / recommendations I need to know about?

Kent County MI about 1 year ago

Dutch Elm diseased trees

In Gaines Twp, Kent County... Who determines whether or not elm trees located in public right of way (vs private property) are infected and need to be removed to prevent spread to other trees? If determined infected, does the Kent County Road Commission then remove such trees?

Kent County MI over 1 year ago

School gardens soil testing

I attended the Master Gardener class last fall. My husband and I are founders of Hope Gardens. We are currently teaching using school gardens at five west michigan schools. We are hoping to do thorough soil tests for each school garden. We use a no till mulch method and would like to use soil testing for education purposes and include microbial activity in the test. Would the extension be willing to donate soil testing to Hope Gardens and the schools? The schools include four districts: Wyoming, Byron Center, Hudsonville and Grandville. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Julie Brunson 616-209-2003

Kent County MI soil test kit over 2 years ago

Turning our lawn into a more low maintenance garden

We live in a more rural setting on the Thornapple River. We have a lawn that was put in ten years ago with a sprinkler system. The lawn is bordered by old oaks, pines and maple trees. We would like a more sustainable lawn without having to have a lawn service and to always be throwing chemicals on it to keep it healthy. Gofers are a problem, too. There is a lot of wildlife here with deer daily roaming into our yard. Would a wildflower garden be something we could plant? Or is there another sustainable lawn that would work better and would look beautiful? We have a lot of dogwood trees and other native plants that we've put in but we are strugglinging with the lawn and some of the shady area ground cover, too.

Kent County MI almost 7 years ago

Why does my Congo rojo have Yellow spots?

I received a transplant of a Congo rojo philodrendren plant. It recently has gotten yellow spots on the foliage. I'm not sure if this is normal or an abnormal. Any info helps, thank you!


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Kent County MI about 1 year ago

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